The right things to do to take care of your hair

Everyone wants to have beautiful, shiny, voluminous – in short, healthy – hair!

Choosing a shampoo and a care product adapted to your hair and scalp is an excellent habit to adopt.

In addition to these specific treatments, the importance of simple, daily steps such as brushing and washing should not be overlooked. Combined with a scalp massage, they optimize the effectiveness of the treatments.

Take the time to brush your hair

Take the time to brush your hair

Brushing the hair is a simple mechanical step that closes the hair cuticle and removes dirt.

Brushing: a forgotten age-old gesture?

So what are the benefits of brushing for both the hair and the scalp?

How to properly wash your hair

How to properly wash your hair

The purpose of washing is to remove excess sebum from the scalp, which could become irritating and suffocate the hair.

Good hair washing practices include massaging the scalp rather than simply cleansing the hair.

The massage: an ally of the scalp

The massage: an ally of the scalp

Massaging the skull releases physical tension and is incredibly relaxing. But it's also important to know that it has very interesting properties that promote or maintain the beauty of the hair.

There are many benefits to a scalp massage: microcirculation stimulation, irrigation of the hair follicle, helping the active ingredients from treatments to be absorbed...

Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp just as plants grow from fertile soil.

That says it all!

If you want to enjoy beautiful hair, it’s essential that you take care of your scalp. The scalp is the lifeblood of the hair, yet it is too often neglected.

To choose your shampoo and treatment products, you must listen to the needs of your hair and the condition of your scalp. But for a treatment to provide all these benefits to the hair, it must be applied properly.

Here are three simple do-it-yourself steps to help balance the scalp.

Brushing: a daily moment of well-being

Brushing is, more than anything, a means of maintaining the hair. It protects it against external aggressions by closing the cuticles and distributing the sebum all along the hair fiber. It also removes dirt from the hair.

Done on a daily basis, even several times a day, this gesture will have mechanical effects that will be visible on the beauty of the hair.

In addition to its benefits for your hair, you can also take advantage of this moment to relax, especially at the end of the day.


A wash done right

There’s a tendency to think that the more you scrub your hair, the more it will appreciate the vigorous cleaning. But it’s a mistake to wash just the hair itself.

The right technique is to apply shampoo directly to the scalp and massage the scalp to eliminate oil build-up. Only when rinsing will the soapy water gently wash the hair.

Why massage the scalp?

Hair is an inert material. Everything actually happens in the scalp: the supply of nutrients and oxygen, the regulated production of sebum, the renewal of cells giving birth to new hair... The scalp is the organ that gives life to hair.

Massaging the scalp activates the microcirculation that transports the elements essential to the health of the hair. Depending on the technique used, a massage can also help stimulate or soothe the scalp according to its specific needs at a given moment.

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