Scalp with dandruff

Scalp with dandruff

Dry or oily dandruff is highly visible on the hair roots. Although it may look bad, you’re not stuck with it: a scalp and hair care product can get rid of dandruff quickly.

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Scalp with dandruff: treatments and remedies
Scalp with dandruff: treatments and remedies

Dandruff in the hair is a problem affecting nearly one out of every two people. Although not serious, it doesn’t look very nice. A suitable treatment can overcome this.

How do you treat dandruff in the hair?

Dandruff often impacts the self-esteem of those who suffer from it. These small bits of skin are very visible, especially on dark hair. They invade the roots and can even fall onto the shoulders. This minor but unsightly condition can be treated with the regular use of suitable hair products.

Dandruff: what is it?

Dandruff is small pieces of skin on the scalp, called flakes when they break away from the scalp. These small pieces of white skin have the unfortunate habit of spreading all over the hair and falling onto clothes. Hair dandruff is caused by a flaking scalp, a loss of the superficial layer of the epidermis.
Although not serious, it is often accompanied by scalp irritation, resulting in discomfort and itching. There are two types of dandruff: oily and dry.
● Oily dandruff: relatively large in size, it has a yellowish color and remains stuck to the scalp. It is problematic because it suffocates the hair and can prevent it from breathing. Eventually, it can cause hair loss.
● Dry dandruff: small dandruff, white in color and falls off the head when rubbed. It can cause itching and discomfort.
Oily dandruff can be removed with natural solutions such as essential oils or sweet almond oil. However, it's not always as easy to get rid of it, or dry dandruff. The solution? Pamper your scalp and hair with gentle, silicone-free anti-dandruff products.
Discover René Furterer's anti-dandruff care routine.

Anti-dandruff exfoliating products with plant extracts

The use of exfoliating products helps to effectively combat dandruff: they aerate the scalp and loosen the flakes on the head. These treatments should be carried out at most once or twice a week, to not irritate the scalp.
Used before shampooing, René Furterer Gentle Scrub gently exfoliates and removes dandruff. It is composed of micro-ionized apricot extracts and cleansing essential oils. It also contains menthol to soothe irritated scalps and relieve itching.
Exfoliating products should always be used in addition to an anti-dandruff shampoo, as only a good wash and rinse can permanently remove dead skin residue from the hair.

Anti-dandruff shampoos: get rid of dandruff while hydrating the scalp

René Furterer anti-dandruff shampoos have a dual action: they facilitate the removal of dry dandruff while hydrating the scalp. The cleansing action of these products, enriched with tea tree and safflower essential oils and pyrithione, helps prevent the recurrence of dandruff.
The quality of the scalp improves and dandruff is removed quickly, less than a month after the first application of shampoo. Applying the shampoo once or twice a week is recommended, too frequent use can damage the scalp. The scalp produces more sebum when overloaded, which can cause dandruff to develop.
The way you wash your hair also has an impact on dandruff: there is no need to massage the scalp too hard. Small circular massages, without rubbing your nails into the scalp, are enough to wash your hair well. Rinsing should be done with cold water for several minutes to allow the dandruff to glide down the lengths and out of the hair.

Complete your hair routine with an anti-dandruff dry shampoo

Limiting the number of weekly shampoos makes it easier to get rid of dandruff. René Furterer dry shampoos are a solution that allows you to space out washes without having greasy hair. Sprayed on the roots, they cleanse the hair and absorb sebum. They are practical for refreshing a hairstyle, restyling bangs, or adding a touch of freshness throughout the hair.
René Furterer dry shampoos, enriched with essential oils, are cleansing, anti-irritant, and do not cause new dandruff in the hair.

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