NEOPUR anti-dandruff shampoos

NEOPUR anti-dandruff shampoos

Enriched with wild ginger extract, a powerful active ingredient of 100% natural origin, these anti-dandruff shampoos cleanse the scalp while rebalancing its microbiome. Thanks to their gentle cleansing formula, the scalp regains its natural balance and dandruff disappears for good.

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NEOPUR is the anti-dandruff ritual par excellence. Its role is to restore balance to the scalp. It provides a short and clear answer to the problem of dandruff with 2 shampoos adapted to the nature of the dandruff and the scalp:

  • Balancing anti-dandruff shampoo for oily, flaking scalps
  • Balancing anti-dandruff shampoo for dry, flaking scalps

The NEOPUR range: a real anti-dandruff innovation

The NEOPUR range replaces the former MELALEUCA range. It presents a real innovation based on the balance of the microbiome. 

René Furterer was the first to recognize the importance of a healthy scalp for beautiful hair and has made this one of the brand's key themes. 

In the case of dandruff, it is once again the health of the scalp that is at stake. It's always the scalp's disorders that cause dandruff, whether it's dry or oily. 

Indeed, we now know that the appearance of dandruff is due to a disturbance of this ecosystem. The micro-organisms that make up this ecosystem are infinitely useful in many important biological functions, such as stimulating the immune system, reinforcing the skin barrier, maintaining the skin's pH level, etc. Dandruff is one of the two most significant scalp problems, along with hair loss. 

As a scalp expert brand, René Furterer is constantly refining its anti-dandruff formulas in order to offer innovative solutions in line with its values of naturalness, sensoriality and expertise.


2 anti-dandruff shampoos for 2 types of dandruff

The types of dandruff, oily or dry, are linked to the type of scalp—oily or dry as well. 

In the case of oily dandruff, the excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp encourages the development of Malassezia. These fungi are normally present in the ecosystem (or microbiome) of the scalp. But when they feed on this excess sebum and start to proliferate, they become more dominant than the other micro-organisms that populate this microbiome. 

Once they become too numerous, they produce fatty acids in excessive quantities. As these fatty acids are irritating, they will cause the scalp to react and amplify the dandruff condition. The vicious cycle begins!

Dry dandruff is caused by dryness of the scalp. Too little sebum produced by the scalp causes the scalp to become dry. 

The scalp will tend to flake more easily. These increased dry cells become visible: this is the most common type of dandruff. The kind that is found on the shoulders and gives away its presence on dark clothes in particular.

To be able to treat this dandruff problem optimally, it’s therefore essential to improve the condition of the scalp, either by regulating its sebum production or by moisturizing it.

As scalp experts, we ensure that we provide an answer to each of these 2 scalp types whose imbalance leads to dandruff. 

And we can never say it enough: a balanced microbiome means a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

The NEOPUR range simultaneously meets the expectations of effectiveness, naturalness, and respect for the scalp, providing the hair that people suffering from dandruff so desire. It offers a solution that combines these 3 objectives. Or should we say 2 solutions!

NEOPUR MICROBIOME EXPERT shampoos have very gentle formulas, without sulfates, silicones, phenoxyethanol or parabens. In order to be as respectful of the environment as of the scalp, the packaging of the shampoos in the NEOPUR range is recyclable. Made in France, their formulas are biodegradable. 

Perfectly respectful of the scalp, they do not disturb the natural balance of its microbiome. As they are gentle shampoos, they can be used as a treatment to eliminate dandruff with frequent use, but also as a preventive measure.

The way you wash your hair also has an impact on dandruff: there is no need to massage the scalp too hard. Small circular massages, without rubbing your nails into the scalp, are enough to wash your hair well. Rinsing should be done with cold water for several minutes to allow the dandruff to glide down the lengths and out of the hair.

Visible dandruff is eliminated after the first application. One tube is equivalent to one month of anti-recurrence treatment.


Active ingredients of 100% natural origin - 2 René Furterer-patented innovations

The 2 treatment shampoos benefit from the antifungal and soothing actions of several 100% natural active ingredients.

Wild ginger, with its antifungal and purifying properties, specifically targets Malassezia yeast in order to reduce its population and promote the populations of other micro-organisms in the scalp microbiome so that they return to their natural balance.

It has the same efficacy as conventional chemical anti-dandruff active ingredients, such as zinc pyrithione, usually found in anti-dandruff shampoos. Same effectiveness, but with the advantage of being 100% natural and respectful of the scalp's sensitivity... and the planet.

Our wild ginger extract is sourced responsibly from our ECOCERT certified supplier in Madagascar. In addition to supplying raw materials of exceptional quality, we are committed to supporting local producers and their communities through several responsible, societal and ethical actions: reforestation, sustainable collection, biodiversity awareness and support for local farmers.

Wild ginger extract is combined with the soothing properties of celery extract. As it soothes the scalp, it helps to reduce itching. It’s chosen for its unique triple anti-dandruff action. 

As a kerato-regulating active ingredient, it limits flaking by regulating the expression of proteins involved in this process of accelerating the elimination of dead cells. 

It reinforces the scalp's protective barrier against environmental aggressions, particularly microbial. 

It controls the scalp microbiome by reducing the lipid supply responsible for the proliferation of Malassezia. Thanks to it, balance is restored to the microbiota of the scalp and it is and therefore stabilized.


How do you remove oily dandruff?

The NEOPUR answer: Balancing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Oily Dandruff

This shampoo, specifically designed to treat oily dandruff, is enriched with plant extracts of wild ginger and celery. 

To perfect their response to the problem of oily dandruff, we have combined them with curbicia extract chosen for its sebum-regulating properties: it regulates the production of sebum responsible for oily scalps and therefore the appearance of oily dandruff.

Curbicia cleanses the scalp and thus helps to restore balance its microbiome.

Thanks to its gentle cleansing formula, free of silicone, sulfates, phenoxyethanol and parabens, the scalp regains its natural balance and dandruff disappears for good. 


With this natural -dandruff treatment, the scalp is soothed, purified and gets greasy less quickly. Dandruff disappears over the long term. The hair is light, shiny and healthy. 


How to fight dry dandruff? 

The problem of dry dandruff is due to a disorder of the scalp in which it dries out and flakes too quickly. These dead cells become more numerous and visible when they clump together. 

Along with the properties of wild ginger and celery, and in order to meet the specific needs of scalps with dry dandruff, we have combined the moisturizing properties of plant-based glycerin. This completely natural vegetable oil is derived from coconut, rapeseed and palm. It has a moisturizing effect on dry scalps.


Shampoo after shampoo, the scalp is soothed and moisturized, free of its impurities. The hair is light, shiny and healthy.

Natural formulas that are highly appreciated by users

  • Balancing anti-dandruff shampoo for dry, flaking scalps

“After 21 days of use, I think that the word "satisfied" is rather weak. It soothes the irritation and the desire to scratch very quickly. 

My hair feels soft, has more volume and is easier to style than with other shampoos I have used so far. The fresh feeling also lasts longer. I'm 100% sold on it."

"My hair is nourished, beautiful, shiny and my color still looks great. My scalp is really soothed and dandruff free."

  • Balancing anti-dandruff shampoo for oily, flaking scalps

"I don't have dandruff anymore, my scalp is much more comfortable, it doesn't itch or get irritated anymore. It doesn't get greasy as quickly and I feel that my hair is still moisturized. My scalp feels much better and it's really more pleasant on a daily basis."

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