All our advice on colored hair

1 in 2 women has dyed hair. Dyeing hair is a very important service for professional styling experts, but it is also often carried out at home. There are different reasons why people dye their hair:

  • To conceal gray or white hair, keep your color looking vibrant and homogeneous even as time passes, and to make the face appear younger.
  • To add slightly lighter highlights or darker undertones: this can intensify the natural color of the hair and in turn can add radiance to the face and your look as a whole.
  • To change your look by opting for a shade completely different to your natural hair color. Going from blonde to red, from red to black, or even from brown to platinum blonde... these radical changes allow you to reinvent your style and express your personality through your hair.

Changing your hair color is a decision that cannot be taken lightly: a lot of thought has to go into the decision as hair color is an element that can change your overall appearance. Before choosing to dye your hair, we recommend asking a professional to dye your hair. A hairdresser will be able to give an outside opinion if you are looking to change the color of your hair and will be able to give valuable advice. They can also help guide you towards a specific shade or treatment.

Putting your trust in a hairdresser is also safer than dyeing your hair at home. The equipment and the way in which a hairdresser dyes your hair is more professional and will allow for more reliable results. 

A professional will also be able to choose the right shade and strength for successful results, taking into consideration your wishes, hair type and the cut. If necessary, they may also be able to bleach your hair before dyeing it. This step is important if you want to lighten your hair several shades.

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What are the different types of hair dye?

There’s a hair dye for every desire! In order to choose a hair dye that corresponds to your needs and desires, you need to learn about the different color treatments that are available. Highlights, Balayages, permanent or temporary...

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What are the effects of dye on hair?

Because of its formulation and the way it acts on the hair structure, chemical hair dye has a negative impact on and can damage hair. Weak, dry and damaged, hair may change as a result of this process.


What are the best practices for taking care of colored hair?

Weakened by chemical aggressions, colored hair needs to be cared for so that the fibers can be repaired and the hair can show all the rich color it has to offer. Follow a few key steps to care for, enhance and respect the unique radiance of each hair color.

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Professional advice from hairdressers to maintain colored hair

As an expert in hair dyeing, cutting and styling, the hairdresser is the key player in helping to enhance your hair. Our professional hairdressers offer their tips for keeping your colored hair shiny and strong. They also provide tips on how to avoid unwanted tones and how to keep the color intact over time.