Courses of treatment and hair treatments

Courses of treatment and hair treatments

Certain hair and scalp problems require a precise and expert solution. In these cases, you need to turn to a suitable hair treatment or course of treatment to effectively solve the problem.

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Cures and treatments for the hair and scalp
Cures and treatments for the hair and scalp

Many people turn to courses of treatment and hair treatments. They can deeply repair the hair, make it grow faster, limit hair loss, strengthen it or restore density. Courses of treatment are almost indispensable when the diet is not rich enough to provide the necessary nutrients for our hair. In this case, hair usually suffers from hair loss, lack of shine, is too thin, or no longer grows.

Hair treatment courses: what do they consist of?

There are different forms of hair treatment courses. These can be implemented by taking capsules and dietary supplements, or hair treatment products such as lotions. Treatments and lotions are bottled products to be spread on the hair regularly to care for it. Dietary supplements are capsules, gelcaps, or tablets that are ingested daily for a specific period. All hair treatment courses are for a limited time: they are not beauty routines, but treatments aimed at responding to a very specific problem.

When should you use a hair treatment?

Hair treatments are lotions that allow you to deeply transform your hair. There are different types of treatments such as lotions and serums. Using them can be advantageous when hair care products, such as shampoos and care products of all kinds, are not enough to solve a problem. The latter can be linked to temporary hair loss, linked to hormones, for example, a lack of shine, severe dryness, weakened hair, or an oily or overly sensitive scalp. In short, it is very important to clearly define your objective before choosing a hair treatment to guide yourself towards the most suitable and effective course of treatment. You can also opt for a preventive hair treatment. Some lotions, intended for normal hair, can indeed give the hair shine, luster, or volume.

What are the René Furterer hair treatment courses?

René Furterer hair treatment courses are available as dietary supplements, hair treatments, and serums:
● Serums: applied together with a good hair routine, serums protect and care for hair. Their action can target a specific problem (hair loss, lack of shine, sensitive hair) or be preventive. They add shine and luster to hair if used regularly.
● Dietary supplements: René Furterer dietary supplements for hair treat reactive hair loss or give hair vitality.
● Hair treatments: these treatments are applied directly to the hair. Concentrated in active ingredients or enriched with essential oils, they limit hair loss, stimulate growth or meet other needs.

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