Vitalfan Reactional Reactional Dietary Supplement

Strengthens hair - Helps replenish hair

A dietary supplement that helps fight hair loss caused by stress and fatigue.

Tailored active ingredients that target reactional hair loss

One capsule per day, dye-free

Usable by Adults

Type of hair Thinning hair - Sudden loss of hair density - All scalp types

Need Loss of hair density - Hair growth

Made in Italy


Frequency of use

Once a day - Recommended as a 3-month treatment

To be taken by mouth. Take a single capsule per day with food for three months.



Biotin (Vitamin B8) 37.5 µg 75%
Selenium 55 µg 100%
Vitamin E 12 mg 100%
Zinc 7.5 mg 75%
Gamma-Linolenic Acid 40 mg -
Cystine 145 mg -
Blackcurrant Extract 30 mg -

*% NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values

Fish Present
Soy Present

Blackcurrant extract

Blackcurrant Extract helps boost blood flow to provide nourishing elements conducive to hair growth.


Biotin contributes to maintaining healthy hair and promotes the metabolism of micronutrients such as keratin.

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Reviews on  Reactional Dietary Supplement

Reviews on Reactional Dietary Supplement

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Woderful vitamins

I love this vitamins as strength my hair. | René Furterer USA (

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Great results

My hair stop falling the first week I started to take this vitamins. My nails are growing really strong too. I highly recommend this vitamin. | René Furterer USA (

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Second time using both the

Second time using both the Reactional serum and supplements. The combination has helped reduce shedding and seems to have stimulated some new hair growth. Very pleased with both products. | René Furterer USA (

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I am seeing my hair

I am seeing my hair grow back. I am really excited about the results. | René Furterer USA (

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Excellent vitamins

Excellent vitamins | René Furterer USA (

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