Taking care of your hair and styling it is not easy for all women; René Furterer understands this and has created a complete range of conditioners for all types of hair.

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Conditioner product range: masks and treatments

Enhance your hair with conditioner

Conditioner is an essential part of a woman's hair beauty routine. Designed to nourish the hair and make styling easier, conditioners are your strongest allies in achieving shiny, silky, supple hair. Why use a conditioner? How do you choose the right one? How do you apply it?


Why use a conditioner?

Conditioners include detanglers, deep masks, leave-in creams, etc. They help to keep the hair healthy. These products are made up of hydrating, boosting, strengthening, densifying and restructuring agents. They nourish and repair the hair in depth. These nourishing products can also be used to treat or protect the hair, depending on the solution chosen.
They can solve many hair problems and, after only a few uses, make the hair stronger and healthier. Conditioners can also reduce breakage and shorten styling times.
There are conditioners for fine hair, products for dry or colored hair, conditioners for curly or frizzy hair, and products for styling the hair.

How do you apply a conditioner?

Conditioner is very effective in repairing hair when applied several times a week. It should be applied after shampooing and rinsing on clean hair that has been wrung out of any excess water. It should be applied to the lengths and ends only, so as not to make the hair greasy.
To avoid greasy hair, it is also important not to apply too much product to the lengths: as our conditioners are highly concentrated in active ingredients, a small amount distributed throughout the hair is enough. Using too much conditioner only makes the process of rinsing it out longer and more laborious.
Once the conditioner has been properly applied, it's time to gently massage it into the hair with your fingertips. This allows the product to penetrate the hair fiber better and accentuates the benefits of the treatment. The application is almost complete: now just wait a few minutes. For more comfort when detangling, you can also brush your hair out during the application time. This way, the hair can be detangled with a few short brush strokes and is easier to style. This technique is particularly popular with women with damaged, brittle or particularly unruly hair. It allows the hair to be worked without causing breakage and limits hair loss.

How to choose the right conditioner

It's important to choose a conditioner that suits the nature of your hair.
For example, we recommend opting for volumizing conditioners when you have fine hair. Dry hair is best cared for with formulas featuring nourishing oils and natural active ingredients, such as shea, jojoba or argan oil. Formulas with rosemary or curbicia, on the other hand, are more suitable for oily hair, as they help regulate the sebum secreted by the scalp. For women with curly hair, a hydrating conditioner is best, as it helps to shape the curls and give them nice definition. People with dull hair should choose a conditioner that gives the hair strength and shine.