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“How do I style my hair and get beautiful curls?”


26 years old

 “How do I style my hair and get beautiful curls?”

Anissa,26 years old

Véronique Majoros’ response


Véronique Majoros, Director of the René Furterer Institute

How do I get beautiful curls?

Curly hair is all the rage, whether wavy or with loose or tight, natural or styled curls! Freed from the dictates of straighteners, curls can breathe and come into their own. But wavy hair takes work, except perhaps for the luckiest among us! Curly hair has very specific needs, including hydration, pre- and post-shampoo care, daily maintenance, cuts and styles.

Taking care of fragile curls

The term “curly hair” comprises various types of curls and hair textures: wavy, curly, frizzy and kinky hair. They have one thing in common: their need for hydration. While we love them for their curves, this makes them more fragile. In the curves that form the curls, the diameter of the hair is thinner and the hair fibres tend to lift more easily. Their shape also implies a poorer distribution of sebum and a weakening of the hydrolipidic barrier. As a result, they lose moisture more quickly, which can lead to unruly and damaged hair. Having beautiful curly hair requires a good hair routine. You will need to use nourishing and moisturizing hair care products suited to the nature of your hair and opt for the least aggressive techniques possible if you want to curl with peace of mind!

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Dos and Don'ts for a fuss-free curly hair routine

Choosing the right products to style your curly hair

For fantastic curls and waves, it all starts in the shower. Choose a curly hair shampoo suited to your scalp and hair type to help lightly define curls. We prefer it free of silicones which tend to weigh down and suffocate the hair. Go for our Sublime Curl shampoo and our range of curly hair products with extract of Acanthus, an active ingredient with patented curling properties.

Before getting out of the shower, take the time to apply a suitable detangling product to nourish your lengths and ends, such as our Sublime Curl Curl Activating Detangling Conditioner, to apply to wet hair. Once a week, we alternate with a deeper care product from the nourishing or repairing ranges and leave on.

Caring for curly hair naturally with a natural blow-dry

Drying is also in the spotlight: to avoid further weakening the fibre, we prefer to dry with a diffuser or, better still, in the open air, banishing our hairdryer. Wrap your hair in a towel, made of microfiber if possible, for about ten minutes to absorb excess moisture without drying it out.

Fortifying care to reshape your curls

Finish with a leave-in cream to enhance the shape, nourish deep down and help with styling. Our Sublime Curl Curl Nutri-Activating Cream will soon become your new best friend in your hair routine!

Avoid brushing dry hair, which can loosen your curls and make them less bouncy. The same goes for vigorous towel rubbing. So curly hair is best brushed when wet or damp hair, preferably with a wide-tooth comb.

What about the cut? What about styling curly hair?

The cut will depend on the quality and texture of your curls. Curly hair tends to be more voluminous around the ends rather than the roots. Go for layered cuts that distribute the volume over the entire length and better frame your face. Don't be afraid of fringes, but make them long to give your curls more flexibility. The same goes for styling your curly hair: don't shy away from ties. Anything is possible for your curly hair, from braids to ponytails and buns! There’s just one rule: avoid overtightening so you don't damage your lengths.

Finally, to prolong the effect of your haircut and reshape your waves throughout the day, moisten your curls with a spray to restore movement between two treatments and redefine your curls, or revitalize them with a reactivating spray like the one from our Sublime Curl range. A guaranteed natural effect for your curly hair without the frizz or crunchy look!




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