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Curly and wavy hair

Curly and wavy hair

Adopting a good hair routine is essential when you have curly hair. It needs lots of hydration and nourishment. It is therefore important to choose the right products and treatments to keep your curls and waves looking beautiful.

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Products to take care of your curly and wavy hair
Products to take care of your curly and wavy hair

What does wavy and curly hair need?

Wavy and curly hair has a natural need for moisture, especially when regularly exposed to heated appliances. Including water-based and highly nourishing hair products is therefore recommended. They keep hair supple and prevent frizz.
The use of styling products is also essential: styling curly hair without damaging the hair fiber involves gentle detangling and the use of lightweight products.  Which ones should you choose and why? René Furterer gives you the lowdown on the different products for curly and wavy hair.

What impact does an unsuitable hair routine have on curly hair?

Straightening, drying, repeated brush strokes, sun, pollution... Curly hair, which is naturally drier and more fragile, is subject to numerous daily aggressors. When not cared for enough with the right products, wavy and curly hair tends to become very dry and even coarse. The hair becomes tangled and takes on that dreaded straw look. Frizz, too, is abundant. Hair can also become fragile, brittle, dull and split ends may form.
The result? The curls aren't as bouncy anymore. They fall out quickly, even when styled. They're not well defined. All these signs mean one thing: the hair is lacking nourishment, protein and hydration. The hair routine that has been in place until now is therefore not suitable. A change is required!

Adopt a new hair routine with tailor-made products for wavy or curly hair

The goal of a new routine is to provide nourishment (especially when hair undergoes treatments such as coloring or chemical straightening), protein and a good dose of hydration. Opting for shampoos and care products that are adapted to your needs, with natural active ingredients, allows curls to gain strength. Visually clean, the hair is then full of health, stronger, softer and shinier.

Hydrating, nourishing products for wavy or curly hair

Using silicone-free, hydrating, nourishing and fortifying products is essential to keeping curly hair healthy. The hair routine can begin by applying a nourishing oil or a pre-shampoo. These products prepare the hair for washing and deeply hydrate it. They should be left on the hair for several minutes.
For washing, René Furterer recommends using a gentle shampoo for curly hair. Shampoos enriched with shea and argan oil perfectly meet the needs of wavy or curly hair. They repair, care for and durably protect the hair from dehydration. Creamy, they also make hair easier to style.
Once the shampoo has been applied, you can treat the hair more deeply with a conditioner for wavy hair or a hydrating mask. The latter can be used to intensely nourish brittle, fragile hair and allow the hair fiber to regain its original appearance.

Hair styling products to tame frizz

Taming curls is not easy, which is why many people opt for daily straightening or chemical straightening. These treatments are aggressive for the hair and damage it when performed too regularly.
The gentle solution to controlling curls and waves? Hair mousse. These sculpt the hair and give it volume without weighing it down. Easy to apply, styling mousse has a very subtle airy texture: a minimal amount of mousse, imperceptible to the naked eye, is enough to work through a whole head of hair. Highly resistant, René Furterer sculpting mousse keeps hair in place from one shampoo to the next, even for people who tend to run their hands through their hair. These mousses are enriched with jojoba extract, known for its regenerating effect on hair, and its sebum-like composition.

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