Naturally curly, coiled hair

Naturally curly, coiled hair

Coiled and natural hair requires special attention: often dry, it needs a suitable routine to stay hydrated all day long. Highly hydrating and nourishing products enriched with natural active ingredients should be adopted.

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Coiled, natural hair: all our products and treatments
Coiled, natural hair: all our products and treatments

How do you take care of coiled and natural, curly hair?

Coiled and natural hair needs to be pampered to stay healthy and shiny. Dry and sometimes brittle, it needs lots of water and must be deeply nourished. What products should be included in your care routine? René Furterer offers a wide range of nourishing and hydrating products, full of natural active ingredients, specially dedicated to coiled hair.

What does natural, curly or coiled hair need?

Afro hair only reveals its full beauty when treated with daily care. Natural, Afro and coiled hair types all have high water requirements. They are also fragile, very thin and not very dense. As a result, the sebum emitted by the hair follicles, from the hair root, has difficulty migrating to the ends of coiled hair.
Difficult to style, this type of hair needs to be brushed less often. Only the use of a wide-tooth comb is possible, which does not help the distribution of sebum throughout the hair. A lack of humidity in the air in countries with temperate climates also prevents curly hair from staying well hydrated. Without sufficient sebum, the hair suffocates. It then dehydrates, becomes even drier and more frizzy. Weakened, Afro hair is more susceptible to breakage and falls out faster.
Common treatments for Afro hair, such as straightening, weaving and very tight braids, do not help: they attack the hair fiber and lead to significant hair loss. It's obvious: coiled hair needs a boost and effective hair products to stay in shape.

Which products should be integrated into a hair routine for natural and coiled hair?

Oils for coiled hair

The natural oils can be used as a treatment or by smoothing through the lengths. René Furterer offers several hair oil concentrates. They are the perfect products for deeply hydrating damaged, dry or brittle hair.

Shampoos for natural, curly or coiled hair

Formulated with natural argan oil, shea butter and moringa extract, René Furterer Silicone-free shampoos are a precious source of hydration for this type of hair. These products provide suppleness, softness and strength for Afro hair. Detangling and styling are then made easier.

Care with natural active ingredients for Afro and natural hair

Hydrating creams and nourishing masks are almost indispensable for Afro hair. A shampoo alone is often not enough to provide all the water and nutrients needed by the hair.
Hydrating cream for curly hair should be applied to dry or slightly damp hair. It protects the hair fiber and the hair from dehydration and makes styling easier. Very rich in nourishing oils and enriched with natural sheathing agents, it instantly softens the texture of dry hair and makes it more supple.
René Furterer masks are also real hydration concentrates. These products penetrate deeply into the hair and envelop it with a protective and sheathing fiber. They are perfect for damaged coiled hair, and also healthy Afro hair. Used as a preventive measure, these care products with active plant-based ingredients protect and preserve the hair. They strengthen the hair fiber.
To be fully effective, hydrating hair masks and conditioners should be applied at least once a week.

Hair styling products for coiled hair: the perfect final step in your hair routine

More and more, Afro hair is being worn in a natural way, without braiding, weaving or straightening. It therefore needs a boost to stay structured and well-groomed. Styling mousse is a very practical, soft and non-aggressive solution for the hair. Distributed in small strokes through curly hair, it holds the hair in place without stiffening it. Very lightweight and silicone-free, it is easy to wash out and lasts from one shampoo to the next. René Furterer has developed a styling mousse enriched with Jojoba plant extract, which sculpts the hair while protecting the hair fiber.

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