Too often forgotten, pre-shampoo products are essential for deeply hydrating, nourishing and caring for the scalp and hair.

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Pre-shampoo products and treatments
Pre-shampoo products and treatments

A range of pre-shampoo products

What if taking care of your hair starts with a proper pre-shampoo treatment? To respect and take care of your scalp, you need to introduce pre-shampoo treatments into your hair care routine. These take the form of oils, serums, creams, or concentrates enriched with hydrating agents and active ingredients.   What type of scalps and hair are these products suitable for? What are their main qualities? How do you apply them? René Furterer answers all the questions about pre-shampoo products.

What is a pre-shampoo treatment?

Nowadays, men and women fully understand the importance of taking care of their hair. Choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, and care products will help you maintain your hair to keep it healthy and full of life. One treatment is often forgotten: the pre-shampoo treatment. This, however, is very useful for maintaining your hair. It is simply a treatment that you apply to the hair or scalp before shampooing and rinse off in the shower. Pre-shampoo products come in many forms: butters, oils, gels, creams, serums, concentrates, etc. They are most often applied to the hair or scalp while they are dry. They are particularly useful in the case of hair loss, lack of tone or even oily roots, in order to reduce sebum, nourish the hair or redensify the hair fiber and boost growth.

Why use pre-shampoo products?

Pre-shampoo masks and oils nourish and rebuild the hair and care for the scalp. They are therefore just as suitable for people with healthy hair as they are for those with damaged hair, dry hair or scalp issues. Pre-shampoo products, if applied regularly, can really bring badly damaged hair back to life.

Which treatment for which hair type?

Pre-shampoo treatments offer many qualities depending on the hair problem. They can, for example, be adapted to suit people with oily scalps and dry ends. In this case, they can be applied to both the ends and lengths and another pre-shampoo treatment can be used to purify an oily scalp. You should know that not all pre-shampoo products and treatments are identical and that they correspond to different hair types: dry to very dry hair, sensitive or dry scalps, coiled or natural hair, hair prone to dandruff, etc.

The different types of pre-shampoo products

Applying René Furterer pre-shampoo treatments is the first essential step of your hair beauty routine. The different forms of treatment must be chosen according to your hair type and the desired result:
● Scalp care: having a healthy scalp reveals all the beauty of your hair, gives it volume and cares for it. The scalp scrub removes the dandruff and impurities that build up on the scalp, and also improves blood flow and stimulates hair growth. It is important to choose a gentle scrub so as not to irritate the scalp and to use it correctly by following the instructions for the product. There are also concentrates that rebalance the scalp by soothing or stimulating it to leave the hair looking more beautiful, healthier and denser. 
● Oils: they are essential for deeply hydrating and nourishing dry hair. They also provide vitality and shine.
● Serums: help to deeply protect and care for the scalp and hair. There are serums with soothing, density-restoring, or protective action.

How do I apply a treatment before shampooing?

Pre-shampoo treatments should be applied to dry or slightly damp hair. You can choose to target a specific area during application. The treatment can be spread over the whole head of hair, over the lengths, and/or on the ends. After an application time of about 10 minutes, the residue of the pre-shampoo treatment can be easily removed with shampoo. You can leave the products on for longer periods. In this case, a longer rinsing time should be allowed for, to properly remove the treatment residue. These treatments can be used once or twice a week.

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