Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements contain many nutrients. They help to fight deficiencies and participate in the proper functioning of the body. A little boost that offers a beneficial action on hair, nails and skin.

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Dietary supplements for the hair, skin and nails
Dietary supplements for the hair, skin and nails

Take care of your body and hair with dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are ingestible capsules as a supplement to a normal diet. They are a concentrated source of nutrients and contain various substances and vitamins. Some dietary supplements can strengthen hair and nails or preserve the quality of the skin. What do dietary supplements contain? Why take them? What are the different types of dietary supplements?


Dietary supplements: what are they?

Dietary supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients, to be taken in addition to a rich and varied diet. These capsules, tablets, ampoules, or gelcaps contain many substances, such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and other nutrients. They come in the form of treatments lasting several weeks or months and are designed to target various conditions or problems. You can, for example, take dietary supplements to treat severe hair loss, to revive dull skin, or to strengthen brittle nails. Dietary supplements are also of interest in particular phases of life such as during growth, pregnancy, aging, or menopause.
These supplements, as effective as they are, are never a substitute for a balanced diet: they simply provide the body with the missing nutrients and must be combined with a varied diet.

What are the benefits of dietary supplements for the body and hair?

A conventional diet, however rich it may be, is not always sufficient to cover the recommended daily intake. It is estimated that only 2% of the population has a balanced diet. Some nutrients, such as vitamin C for example, are also difficult to find and consume in sufficient quantities for the body in our daily diet. It is therefore useful to take dietary supplements to stay healthy, as a preventive measure, but also to supplement a low nutritional intake.

The different types of dietary supplements

René Furterer offers several types of dietary supplements for skin, nails, and hair to address specific problems. All the dietary supplements offered by René Furterer are composed of ingredients of natural origin (plants, macronutrients, vitamins, etc.), without coloring agents and to be consumed in the form of shorter or longer courses of treatment. It is important to choose a dietary supplement that addresses a specific problem, such as hair loss, dull hair, or brittle nails, for optimal results.

Dietary supplements for nails and hair

When chosen well, hair and nail supplements help keep hair and nails healthy. They stimulate growth while protecting the beauty and strength of the hair and nails. These supplements should be taken in addition to a healthy and balanced diet. Dietary supplements for hair can be used to combat a specific problem such as hair loss. A real boost, these hair capsules help to limit hair loss. There are also dietary supplements for nails and hair. These provide trace elements and vitamin B8 and are enriched with selenium and zinc. These components allow hair and nails to be cared for in a single capsule. They act virtuously to promote the health of hair and nails. At the end of the treatment, nails are stronger and hair silkier and shinier.

Dietary supplements for the skin

During the summer, dietary supplements are also recommended for preparing the skin for sun exposure. Dietary supplements rich in naturally-occurring beta-carotene are ideal for this purpose. Preparing your skin for sun exposure prevents premature skin aging and facilitates tanning. The latter is then also more long-lasting. Dietary supplements for the skin can also be taken as a treatment at any time of the year to better nourish the skin and help it stay supple and well hydrated.

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