Sensitive scalp

Sensitive scalp

A sensitive scalp is a source of tightness and itching. You need to add soothing care products to your hair care routine: these are designed to clean and protect the scalp for a long time.

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Sensitive scalp: soothing and protective products
Sensitive scalp: soothing and protective products

How can you tell if your scalp is sensitive?

A scalp that feels tight, itchy, and red is a sensitive scalp. A very uncomfortable feeling, it reflects a scalp that is exposed to repeated aggressors (pollution, heated appliances, stress) or bad hair habits. The use of overly aggressive products is undoubtedly a trigger or aggravating factor.
Adopting a better hair routine, composed of gentle products rich in natural extracts, is then essential to restoring the physiological balance of the scalp. The scalp requires care to restore it to health. What products should you choose to soothe it? To reduce pain? To protect it? René Furterer gives you the lowdown on this topic.

Concentrates for sensitive scalps

The first step in treating a sensitive scalp is to apply a soothing treatment to the entire scalp. It aims to restore the scalp's vitality and to remove redness from the scalp.
Enriched with ingredients of natural origin, concentrates contain several cleansing essential oils. They hydrate the scalp to soothe discomfort and itching.
Applied once or twice a week, these silicone-free treatments restore the scalp and give the hair a boost. Once the scalp has been repaired, you should continue applying the concentrates from time to time. Thanks to this new routine, the scalp will be much better protected from external aggressors. However, applying a concentrate is generally not enough to treat sensitive scalps. The additional use of suitable shampoos and hair care products is strongly recommended.

Complete your beauty routine with a shampoo for sensitive scalps

The key to not over-sensitizing the scalp? A gentle shampoo with a natural and healthy composition. In other words, a shampoo without preservatives or aggressive substances, silicone, artificial fragrances, or dyes. Shampoos containing alcohol, an irritant that is poorly tolerated by people with sensitive scalps, should be avoided.
The best solution is to opt for a shampoo specifically designed for scalps and sensitive hair. René Furterer shampoos from the Astera range are ideal for delicate and easily irritated scalps: they gently cleanse the scalp, providing it with hydration and softness, and strengthening its natural defenses. They also help to remove existing dandruff and prevent it from appearing. The best part: these shampoos are both caring and protective. They contain active nutrients that have been used for thousands of years: hamamelis and asteraceae, plants used by Native Americans to heal wounds and protect from infections.

Add a drop of hydration with a delicate scalp treatment

You can use hair care products when you have a sensitive scalp. Highly hydrating, the masks and conditioners supply the dermis and hair with water. Used regularly, they restore the skin’s softness, soothe irritated heads and limit the appearance of dry dandruff. The main thing is to always favor treatments made from natural ingredients and that respect the scalp, so as not to further damage it.

Serum for a sensitive scalp: the perfect final step in your beauty routine

Serum, used to reinforce the action of shampoos and treatments, should be part of a hair routine for people struggling to look after a sensitive scalp. Perfect for relieving scalps damaged by external aggressors, it provides a feeling of freshness with every application and helps to relieve itching.

René Furterer's serums for sensitive scalps have a strong protective and repairing effect: they contain several cold essential oils, such as mint and eucalyptus. Very mild, these serums can be used from the age of three years old, once or twice a week. They are a leave-in treatment, to be applied after shampooing or on dry hair.

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