If you want to provide an effective response to the problem of hair loss, it is certainly important to stop it. But it is also necessary to do everything possible to stimulate the growth of new hair.

Two actions go hand in hand in the fight against hair loss: slowing down hair loss and accelerating growth.

So how do you grow hair?

We have devoted several articles to the different factors responsible for hair loss. Now it's time to focus on the active ingredients that promote hair growth.

René Furterer: the hair loss specialist

René Furterer: the hair loss specialist

The René Furterer brand has been the leader in the fight against hair loss for many years. It has been the number-one-selling drugstore product in its field for 17 years.

It's goal: Stopping hair loss and helping grow hair faster.

The active ingredients used by René Furterer to promote hair growth

Today, there are natural and effective solutions to promote hair growth.

To develop its anti-hair loss rituals and dietary supplements, René Furterer relies on five natural ingredients. It offers personalized solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each person.

The effectiveness of these natural active ingredients on hair growth has been widely proven and verified by users.

Lotus Mineral Complex™

Lotus Mineral Complex™

Lotus Mineral Complex™ is a naturally derived active ingredient. It is made from magnesium salt of L-PCA which is used to combat the harmful effects of stress on cells. It preserves the scalp and slows down the loss of hair due to stress, fatigue, illness…

This makes it particularly effective in the fight against reactionary hair loss.

Biotrinin: a 360° active ingredient

Biotrinin: a 360° active ingredient

Biotrinin is an active ingredient of natural origin. It is obtained by aqueous extraction of the aerial parts of watercress (Nasturtium officinal) and nasturtium (Trapaeolum majus).

Biotrinin was chosen by René Furterer for its ability to act at each key stage of the hair's life cycle*. It helps to slow down progressive hair loss. 

It acts in three ways:

  • it activates the signal necessary for hair growth at the birth stage*
  • it stimulates and prolongs growth to make hair visibly more dense*
  • it extends the maturity stage to delay the transition of the hair into the phase in which it falls out and preserves the hair capital*

*In vitro test on the active ingredient

The natural extract of pfaffia

The natural extract of pfaffia

Native to the Amazon, pfaffia is probably the region’s most famous plant. This " Brazilian ginseng “ strengthens the internal organs while calming the nervous system and suppressing anxiety.

René Furterer uses its remarkable revitalizing properties in all its anti-hair loss products. When applied by massaging it into the scalp, it stimulates the blood micro-circulation. The supply of nutrients and energy to the hair follicles necessary for optimal hair growth is thus maximized.

Beyond its extraordinary properties, this active ingredient* also comes from a Fair For Life-certified fair trade supply chain. René Furterer is committed to improving the standard of living of small producers in the state of Paraná in Brazil. It should be noted that they are all certified organic.

In addition to its social commitment, René Furterer also contributes to the fight against local deforestation. 

*Active ingredient tested in vitro

Hydrolyzed curbicia extract*

Hydrolyzed curbicia extract*

Curbicia is obtained by hydrolysis of pumpkin seeds, an exclusive process patented by René Furterer Laboratories.

This extract inhibits the expression of α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for the hormonal imbalance that triggers hair loss.

It also reduces the excess of sebum that causes hair asphyxiation.

The growth of hair bulbs is no longer hindered. Hair growth is healthy and strong. Hair grows faster. The hair fibers are stronger.

It is the ideal companion in the fight against progressive hair loss.

*Patent filed in France


ATP, an innovative active ingredient

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is an active ingredient that is naturally produced by the body. It is an essential source of energy, as it is the only " fuel " that the cells can directly use.

René Furterer research has revealed the incredible properties of ATP on the cells of the follicular papilla.

It allows the hair to grow again quickly:

1. in progressive hair loss by acting as an early boost of energy

2. in reactionary hair loss by inducing the anagen phase.

Highly effective for all types of hair loss, this active ingredient* is present in the two René Furterer anti-hair loss treatments.

*Active ingredient tested in vitro

Naturalness and effectiveness

Nowadays, the interest in natural products is growing. And it’s easy to see why!

More and more, we see the effects that the environment has on us every day. Urban and industrial pollution, for example, the harmful effects of the sun, stress, inadequate diet…

We have also been witness to the risks of harmful ingredients in both food and cosmetics.

Moreover, there is a real need today to protect oneself from this environment which can seem quite hostile. Chemical treatments are increasingly being abandoned in favor of natural treatments.

René Furterer realized very early on the benefits of the resources that Mother Nature gives us. For this reason, only natural anti-hair loss ingredients are selected for their powerful and beneficial effects on hair growth. Plant extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils… they have all been thoroughly studied by Laboratoires René Furterer.

Natural products are very interesting. First of all, they are free of chemicals that could harm both skin and hair. Moreover, their performance makes them the perfect solution to the problem of hair loss.


Two plants combine their actions to fight against progressive hair loss

We have talked about biotrinin, an exceptional active ingredient that fights against progressive hair loss caused by genetics or hormonal disorders.

But did you know that its scientific name actually hides two plants behind it, plants that are well known to all: watercress (Nasturtium officinale) and nasturtium (Trapaeolum majus)?

René Furterer's expertise has led him to work in synergy with these two anti-hair loss powerhouses. Together, they act at each key stage of the hair's life cycle. They first activate the signal necessary for hair growth and then delay its transition to the fall phase. The hair is visibly denser once again.

In order to respect their properties and the user, their method of extraction is perfectly natural: no solvent, only water and vegetable glycerin filtered to retain only what is essential.

The secret of this exclusive duo in the fight against hair loss? Naturalness and simplicity.

A healthy lifestyle to fight hair loss for good

A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet which is rich in vitamins alongside a tailor-made hair routine

This combination of actions promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair.

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