Shampoo is essential for ridding the scalp and hair of impurities accumulated daily. Choosing a shampoo adapted to your scalp type is essential: it can also help to treat various hair problems.

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A range of shampoos to cleanse the scalp and hair on a daily basis

Shampoo, a product that preserves the natural beauty of your hair

Shampoo for dry hair, curly hair, brightening, or anti-dandruff… Choosing the right shampoo is an essential step in maintaining and preserving the beauty of your hair. Shampoo must respect the natural balance of the scalp and your hair type, whatever it is. René Furterer therefore offers a wide range of shampoos, formulated to meet every need and wash hair gently. 

What is the role of shampoo?

Shampooing is the most common part of a hair routine. Applied regularly, it cleanses the scalp and the whole head of hair. Most of the time it comes in a liquid form and transforms into a creamy foam in contact with water. It then removes excess sebum, ridding the hair of impurities and dust. Some shampoos are also treatments: there are products specifically designed for oily hair, dry to very dry hair, coiled or natural hair, to treat dandruff, hair loss, etc.

René Furterer: shampoos enriched with natural extracts

Taking into account your hair type and scalp when choosing a suitable shampoo is essential. Using a shampoo that is incompatible with your hair type is a mistake that too many men and women make: they damage their hair and expose themselves to worries such as the appearance of oily hair, dandruff, dull hair, or hair loss.

Shampoo for dry hair

Some hair is dry by nature. Sometimes hair becomes dry or even very dry due to certain styling habits such as regular use of heated styling tools. These tools, such as straightening or curling irons and hairdryers, tend to weaken the hair fiber. Prolonged exposure to the sun, saltwater, or chlorine can also dry out the hair. This hair needs to be nourished with a suitable shampoo.

Shampoo for oily hair

Oily scalps or hair that tends to be greasy should be washed with a shampoo that regulates sebum production or eliminates excess sebum. These shampoos allow you to space out the frequency of washes and achieve less greasy hair over time.

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Hair loss can be hereditary, progressive, or reactive (due to an event such as pregnancy). It requires specific care. Anti-hair loss shampoos, as the name suggests, are used to reduce or even stop hair loss. They stimulate regrowth. The active ingredients contained in these shampoos act even on hereditary hair loss and the development of baldness in men. In these cases, they simply limit the damage and delay hair loss.

Shampoo for coiled, natural, or straightened hair

Coiled, natural, and straightened hair is very dry by nature. It requires nourishing and taming to reveal all its beauty. These hair types should be treated with a restructuring, taming, and hydrating shampoo. Using shampoos for coiled or natural hair makes the hair easier to style as it is more supple and soft.

Shampoo for blonde hair

Blonde hair is fragile: whether natural or colored, it needs protection and hydration. Shampoo for blonde hair revives the luminosity of natural, highlighted, or bleached blonde hair. It prevents the hair from yellowing.
If it has been colored, blonde hair will also need treatments to maintain its color and softness.

Shampoo for white hair

White hair appears as the hair fiber ages. It is vulnerable, needs protection, density, and energy to be enhanced and kept healthy. Shampoos for silver and white hair are ideal for repairing weakened hair, but also for enhancing its color. These products can also be used to revive platinum or icy blonde hair color.

Shampoo for colored hair

Colored hair is damaged and dried out by chemical dyes that weaken it. Colored hair tends to bleed when it is washed, i.e. it loses its artificial color. Shampoos for colored hair prevent the color from bleeding out and fix it on the hair. They are also designed to repair hair that has been sensitized by coloring.

Shampoo for curly hair

Curly hair requires specific care to define the curls and hydrate the hair. Shampoo for curly hair reshapes and softens curls while nourishing them. The hair then regains its shine, elasticity and is easier to untangle.

Shampoo for all hair types

Shampoos for “normal” hair are suitable for people with hair that does not require any special treatment. Generally, this means natural hair that is neither dry nor greasy. These shampoos contain few synthetic products so that they don’t disturb the balance of the scalp.

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