Dry hair

Dry hair

Dry hair can look pretty horrible and must be treated with specific care products. René Furterer offers a wide range of products designed to hydrate and nourish the hair.

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Treatments and products for dry hair
Treatments and products for dry hair

Solutions to care for dry hair

Dry hair can be identified by eye and to the touch. Women and men with dry hair find it difficult to style, as this type of hair is particularly fragile. What causes this dryness? What products should I use to hydrate my hair? How do I choose the right treatment for dry hair?


What is the cause of dry hair?

Several factors are responsible for dry hair. Dry hair is often caused by applying unsuitable treatments and poor daily habits. Among the most common causes are the regular use of heated styling tools (such as hairdryers, straighteners or curling irons), prolonged exposure to the sun or repeated coloring. Saltwater, chlorinated water or an iron deficiency can also affect the quality of the hair and make it dry. The hair fiber, which consists of keratin, loses its elasticity in these situations. The scales of the hair become raised due to a lack of sebum. The surface of the hair then becomes rough and the hair takes on a straw-like appearance, which is both unattractive and unpleasant to the touch. There are many solutions for hydrating dry hair and restoring its suppleness.

How to nourish overly dry hair

The first step in restoring healthy, supple hair is to limit the aggressive actions mentioned above. Opting for natural drying and styling is the first step to getting your silky hair back. If this is not possible, it's worth investing in a heat protection product, which is essential for protecting the hair from heated styling and avoiding dry hair.
Avoiding products containing silicone is also a good idea. Silicone products make hair shiny and smooth, but if used too regularly, they prevent it from breathing.
All of these things help to prevent hair from drying out further. To restore shine and brilliance, it's also important to provide a source of nourishment. To do this, it's essential to fill up on vitamin B5, nutritional oils, lipids, proteins and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are all highly present in the formulas of shampoos and treatments for dry hair.

Which treatment should you choose for dry hair?

René Furterer has developed two product ranges especially for men and women with dry to very dry hair. The range for dry hair, consisting of several products such as masks and day creams, provides the hair with plenty of hydration. The products designed for very dry hair offer the hair with a more significant source of moisture. These products come in the form of shampoos, rinse-off oils, masks and hydrating hair creams:


  • Hydrating hair creams: day and night creams are not just for hydrating the face and body; there are also day and night creams for hair. They do not need to be rinsed out and nourish the hair in depth without weighing it down.
  • Pre-shampoo treatments: hair oils are used in small amounts or as a rinse on dry hair before washing. Enriched with nourishing extracts such as shea and argan, they regenerate the hair. They can be left on for a few minutes or even overnight to allow the hair fiber to absorb the product.
  • Shampoos for dry hair and dry scalps: overly dry hair should be treated with a highly nourishing shampoo when combined with a dry and uncomfortable scalp. Oily or normal scalps can regenerate themselves. Shampoos for dry hair restore suppleness and make it easier to detangle and style.
  • Masks for dry hair: hair masks are a valuable tool in the fight against dry hair. They should be applied once or twice a week after shampooing, on the lengths and ends. After a few minutes of application, the repairing agent-enriched product coats the hair, tightens the cuticles, nourishes it in depth and makes it soft again.

All of these dry hair products should be used regularly until the hair regains normal moisture levels. They can then be applied from time to time for people with hair that tends to dry out quickly.

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