Blonde and highlighted hair

Blonde and highlighted hair

Blonde hair requires special care, whether it's natural or bleached. Treatments and products formulated with natural active ingredients help to keep blonde hair looking bright and prevent the hair from turning yellow.

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Blonde, highlighted hair: toning and brightening products

What products should I choose to care for blonde or highlighted hair?

Caring for blonde hair is no easy task: this color is particularly complex to maintain, whether it's natural or obtained by bleaching. Why is that? Simply because it tends to go brassy. Blonde highlights, Balayage, Ombre, and Tie-dye are also affected.
How to care for blonde hair and preserve its shine? René Furterer gives you the lowdown on the products and treatments to use with natural active ingredients.

What does blonde hair need?

A blonde color requires special care, whether it is natural blonde, golden blonde, icy blonde, or ash blonde. Bleached hair is porous because it has undergone oxidation. Particularly sensitive to external aggressors (seawater, pollution, sun, swimming pool, etc.) it tends to turn yellow. It is also prone to dryness and breakage. This applies to a whole head of blonde hair as well as to Balayage and highlights.
Blonde hair can also become dull if not properly cared for.
How do you maintain blonde hair? Nothing too complicated: focusing your hair routine on three principles, namely protection, nourishing, and hydration, helps to protect hair and maintain a radiant blonde.

Products for blonde hair: building a good hair routine

To keep your blonde pretty and radiant, you need to use specialized products frequently. Solutions for blonde hair come in different forms, to be used regularly to hydrate and nourish the hair and scalp.

To preserve your blonde hair: use plant-based active ingredients

Choosing products made from natural plant ingredients and essential oils is the first step in an effective hair routine. For blonde hair, treatments formulated with natural Okara extract should be favored, for example.
Avoid treatments that contain silicone, which give the illusion of maintaining the hair, without providing any care benefits!

Choosing the right pre-shampoo treatment for blonde hair

Pre-shampoo treatments deeply nourish the hair. There are several types of pre-shampoo products for blonde hair:
• Moisturizing oils, for example, are ideal for hydrating blonde hair, while adding softness and shine. Plant-based hair oils can be applied to the hair as a treatment or by smoothing through the lengths.
• There are also pre-shampoo products enriched with nourishing active ingredients, to spread through the hair and leave on for a few minutes before washing the hair.

Shampoo: the essential product in a blonde hair beauty routine

Choosing a shampoo designed for blonde hair is a must if you hope to keep your blonde hair bright for several weeks or months. Conventional shampoos for normal hair are not suitable for blonde hair: they do not contain any toning agents and do not always provide sufficient hydration for bleached hair.
Shampoos specially designed for blonde hair provide radiance and gently cleanse without drying out. René Furterer shampoos are enriched with illuminating and repairing ingredients. The natural active ingredient RefletLumièreTM is made from a combination of cane extract and lemon peel. It captures the light on blonde hair, revives the hair’s shine, and restores its luster. Okara extract restructures sensitized and weakened hair. Combined, these two active ingredients form a perfect duo to nourish and care for blonde hair.

Blonde hair treatments: to repair in depth

Sensitized blonde hair must be treated with the utmost care. Hair masks and detanglers are therefore recommended after the application of a shampoo. These products promote hair repair and allow for gentle detangling. They do not contain silicone, but many hydrating and repairing plant-based active ingredients that encourage the cuticles to close. This action keeps the pigments inside the hair fiber. The blonde color is bright.

Sun protection for blonde hair: products to enhance your hair, even on holiday!

Blonde hair tends to lighten in the sun... but also to dry out. Sun sprays are ideal for keeping your blonde pretty, but also for avoiding the straw-like effect so dreaded by light-haired people. The silicone-free sprays gently hydrate the hair, while coating it with a delicate protective film. Invisible to the naked eye, they protect the hair from saltwater and UV rays. The result? Nourished, soft and supple hair, even after hours spent at the pool or beach.