The scalp... the secret to beautiful hair

A healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair.

Beyond the attention paid to the hair fiber – to the hair itself – there is an essential step: taking care of the scalp.

Although it should be at the heart of any "beautiful hair" routine,it’s still too often neglected.

However, there has been an change in behavior.

Some cultures have long been aware of the importance of the scalp. In Asia, for example, it is part of their daily routines. It’s seen as an extension of the facial skin.

In the United States, more and more scalp products, scrubs, serums, etc. are being developed with names inspired by skin treatments.

In Europe, the trend is still emerging, but it’s gradually taking hold in hair routines. Whereas we were once focused on hair beauty and product results, we are now more concerned about the health of our hair and especially our scalp.

The purpose of our advice is to present the vital role of the scalp in healthy hair. 

René Furterer, a pioneer in scalp care

René Furterer, a pioneer in scalp care

At a time when everyone was focusing on the desired result – a beautiful, thick, shiny head of hair – René Furterer was passionate about the root cause: the study of the scalp, the fertile ground without which no hair can grow strong and healthy.

For over 60 years, René Furterer has been THE scalp specialist!

The different elements that make up the scalp

The different elements that make up the scalp

Hair is an inert material whose source of life, the engine, is found in the scalp.
The physiology of the scalp presents the different organs that make up the scalp and the hair, as well as their functions: the bulb, the sebaceous gland, the hair shaft... and above all the hair follicle, which is a real miniature organ at the base of everything!

When the scalp goes haywire...

When the scalp goes haywire...

Faced with the numerous aggressions to which it is subjected every day, the scalp reacts by presenting a wide variety of symptoms.
Numerous scalp problems can occur: hair loss, itching, dry skin, dandruff or dead cells, excessive sebum production, dry scalp... Fortunately, there’s a solution for every problem!

A scalp needing attention

A scalp needing attention

Prolong the benefits of shampoos, balms and personalized care routines by adopting complementary habits: washing, brushing and massaging the scalp.
These best practices for taking care of your scalp,as effective as they are pleasant, can be transformed into real moments of well-being.

The important role of the scalp: getting to the root of things

The scalp must provide the hair with fertile ground on which it can flourish and grow healthy and strong. It must also act as a physical barrier and thermal insulator.

The scalp: the living part of the hair.

It’s an extremely sensitive area due to its very dense innervation and the presence of numerous nerve endings that react to the slightest stimulus. Each of its 600 cm² contains 2,500 receptors, twice as many as the skin on the face! This makes this organ an extremely sensitive part of our body.

We have long been aware that skin care must be exacting.With such hyper-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity, it’s obvious that scalp care must be even more so!


The scalp is regularly subjected to numerous external aggressions: pollution particles, UV rays, etc. But it also suffers from bad styling habits: aggressive shampooing, excessive heat from the hairdryer and other styling tools, overzealous brushing, chemical agents in hair dyes, unsuitable products... On top of all this, add internal factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, genetic diseases, various deficiencies, etc.

In short, the scalp can take a beating! There are numerous scalp problems that exist. When it’s attacked, its functioning is altered. It then becomes a poorer quality foundation for the hair.

Only a healthy and balanced scalp is capable of growing beautiful hair full of vitality. This is because the hair bulbs are anchored in this living surface.

That's why caring for your scalp is not an option—it's a must.


A complex balance

The scalp is a continuous, flexible and resistant covering. It’s composed of several layers, and it’s in its surface layer that the hair is implanted.

The scalp plays two major roles.

  • It houses the hair follicles from which the hair is born and which ensure its growth.
  • It acts as a real physical protective barrier.

A real physical protective barrier

Just like the skin, the scalp performs a variety of functions.

It acts as a real physical barrier between the internal and external environment.

The hydrolipidic film (HLF) on the surface of the scalp, which consists mainly of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, regulates moisture and lubricates the hair. The HLF plays an immunological protection role against all kinds of external aggressions.

Of course, the scalp also acts as a thermal insulator. Together with the sweat function, it helps to maintain a constant internal temperature of 98.6°F.

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