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Taking care of your hair, an art accessible to all!

You've probably already heard of skincare layering, a technique inspired by Japanese beauty rituals that overlays products in a specific order to combine and maximize their effects. So why should your hair have to settle for a hasty shampoo application and styling? They deserve some time too!

What is a ritual?

If you're imagining figures in togas waving sage while dancing around a fire, you're not quite there! A ritual is the simple idea of taking care of oneself, taking time and making a moment sacred by giving it the space it needs in one's hectic daily life. It’s no wonder the idea has come back in full force thanks to “Saho,” the face care ritual from Japan, a country where taking time to perform precise gestures is a way of life. 

The art of caring for your hair

Routine, ritual, steps... several words that convey the same idea: that of associating gestures and products in a specific order and with a certain regularity. The hair ritual, or the art of caring for your hair, was born in 1957 in the mind of René Furterer. At that time, women went to the hairdresser's very regularly; even weekly for some. The only thing they did at home was brush their hair before going to bed (think of our grandmothers' hairdressers!). 

However, when René Furterer created his first product line, he was not content with offering formulas designed to cleanse the scalp. He created the application protocols that went with them, which went on to serve as the training foundation of great hair care figures such as the Carita sisters or Alexandre de Paris. His ritual is based on the trinity Prepare/Wash/Treat. A simple but structuring idea – revolutionary at the time – which associates a gesture with each product. Thanks to him, these professional secrets have been shared with as many people as possible so that the hair ritual becomes a habit, not a privilege.

A ritual is the simple idea of taking care of yourself.
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Creating your ritual

So how do you create your own ritual to adopt on a daily basis? You can start by consulting a professional, your hairdresser for example, to create a routine suitable to your needs and profile! You can also use René Furterer's online hair diagnosis to help you target your needs.

A few simple steps to get started:


your scalp with an essential oil massage, from the nape of the neck to the forehead, to stimulate microcirculation and prepare it for the treatment. At René Furterer, hot or cold essential oil concentrates such as Complexe 5 or Astera will fulfill this role: these plant-based concentrates will provide your self-massage with all the benefits of essential oils for a powerful and relaxing sensory experience.


with a shampoo suited to your scalp by massaging, not rubbing. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly! Repeat a second time if necessary


a. Depending on the time available, with a deep treatment such as a mask, or a faster, leave-in treatment such as a day cream. Suited to the nature and needs of your hair, they should be applied to the lengths and ends.

b. Complete your routine with a specific treatment according to your needs such as a serum, lotion or oil.

Combine the best practices with each product.
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In any case, remember that simplicity is your best friend: you don't need 5 different shampoos and 10 different masks. Go back to the basics, find the right combination of products for you and put at least as much emphasis on learning the right way to do it. Our experts are convinced that the way you apply a cream is just as important as its formulation. So take your time, breathe, choose the right playlist, enjoy the moment... And don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser to show you the right gestures to become a true ritual pro!

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