Hair Confidential

Regardless of age or culture, hair is never a simple subject.
We doubt, we try. We feel it out, we find what makes it beautiful.
Small and big obsessions. Understanding it and knowing how to treat it well...
sometimes it takes a lifetime to accept it.
Here, we listen to you, you tell us, we inspire you.
Hair grows with your stories, your desires, your moods, your life changes.

We talk. We share. We enhance.
With real and natural ingredients.
Welcome to Hair Confidential.

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After dyeing it too many times, my hair is damaged, what should I do?

Even if we tend to say that when a hair breaks, it's already too late, don't panic, there's still time to fix it. And to identify the best practices to prevent it from happening again!


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Behind the scenes of the hair spa

Do I really know my hair? Marie, 29 years old, talks about her initiation journey at the René Furterer Hair Spa, nestled in the heart of the Madeleine district in Paris.


The first time... I realized I was losing my hair

It started with a simple remark, at the hairdresser's before I left for Barcelona for my studies. "Your hair is starting to get brittle". I said to myself here we go, this is it.

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3 trends to shine at 60

There's no age-limit to turning back time. Should you aim for a youthful style? Or accept the years like a fine wine? Here are some ideas to find your ideal balance.



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