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How bad is it, doctor?

How to repair my damaged hair after the summer

" How do I fix my hair after a summer on the beach? "

28 years old


René's answer

"Dear Sandra,
Ah summer... happiness to the tip of your toes, golden hair swaying in the wind in the evening by the beach... But when the summer holidays are over, it's a different story! Split, dry and brittle; hair damaged by the sun and sea has quickly forgotten your surfer look and you need to do something to avoid being mistaken for a haystack!
But what happened in just a few weeks? As with your skin, UV rays have attacked hair fibers to the point of damaging the keratin, the natural barrier that protects your hair and keeps it healthy and well hydrated. The sun damages hair, as does salt, chlorine, and the wind, which does not help your hair either. You experienced a delight; your hair experienced a hurricane! Dull, dry, split ends, it's high time to take care of your hair to get it back in shape. "


René's advice

The first thing: give your hair a break and let it regenerate. Avoid using a hair dryer or straighteners as much as possible: already tired, the heat from these appliances will damage your cuticles even more. Favor natural air drying. Also resist the urge to color and fade your hair. It can wait a few weeks. Or opt for a natural, 100% plant-based hair color, more kind to your hair.
Then, pamper your hair! Use gentle shampoos, oils, and keratin-enriched moisturizing masks. Help to repair its natural barrier by choosing repairing, regenerating, and moisturizing products. It's time to step up your routine! Focus on the lengths, as they have suffered the most, and do not hesitate to apply masks during the night or to take oil baths before shampooing.
One last tip: visit your hairdresser to cut off any split ends and straighten them out. Don't panic, one or two centimeters are enough to give your hair a fresh look and to restore volume naturally! For next year, be sure to check out our article with tips on how to prepare for your summer!




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