Me, my hair, etc

They tell us how their hair has built their identity,
their heritage, their history... in all intimacy.


Can being bald be a job?


Hair with the baby-blues

rf_mag_mmhai_mathildelegrand_principal_visual_1 320x400

Curls rediscovered

rf_mag_mmhai_6_portrait_he 577x721

A question of style

rf_mag_mmhai_nathalielemaire_principal_visual_1-1 577x721

My daughter's curly hair

rf_mag_mmhai_nathaliegrand_principal_visual_1-1 577x721

Coiled hair and my heritage

rf_mag_mmhai_mathildelevaudi_principal_visual_4-5 577x721

I embrace my two-toned hair

rf_mag_mmhai_rosepunani_principal_visual_1-1 577x721

The art of the wig


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