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Me, my hair, etc.

My daughter's curly hair

Nathalie and Harper

Hair in complete freedom

Nathalie is the E-commerce Director at APC and has lived in New York for over eight years. It was here that she met her African-American husband, David. Nathalie has always had fine, blonde, soft hair. Their daughter Harper, aged 3, has very black and curly hair. Nathalie is learning to know and care for this mixed hair with great joy. She tells us about the special moments she shares with her daughter around hair care.

Reading a story, styling, detangling between shea, coconut and argan oils and little headbands... How to love your hair and convey a certain taste for freedom. Always gently.

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How would you describe your daughter's hair?

It’s quite a unique mix: Harper's hair comes from her black American father, but also from her maternal grandmother, who has very curly blonde hair. She’s had this impressive volume since she was very, very young. At the nursery, at first I had to tie it up because the other children always wanted to touch it. Nowadays, from time to time, I leave it loose. However, it’s very dry and needs to be moisturized daily. 

What is your favorite daily routine with your daughter?

We have a very important ritual every evening, while reading a story or styling her doll’s hair: she loves it. I detangle and moisturize her hair with shea oil-based treatments... It’s all about touch. It's a calm, special moment, just for us. We share lots of things about our day; we are relaxed.

My daughter will do what she wants with her hair.
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Does Harper like to play with different hair styles?

Yes, she chooses accessories with me: she likes to choose her barrettes, even those that aren't for kids, because everything holds on her head of hair! She also likes the famous headband, tied on top. So we can play with different patterns and colors. We’ve also tried little braids. Harper is quite curious!

Why is the hair care moment important between mother and daughter?

I've always had a lot of family discussions about hair. I remember that my sister and I used to spend hours in the evening on the sofa doing my mother's hair. These are unique and precious moments. My mother's hair is curly – so completely different from ours – and we learned to take care of it.

How do you learn to love your hair?

I think it's a question of gentleness. And freedom. I don't want Harper to be coerced, forced. I want her relationship with her hair to always be positive. If she wants to straighten it later, do some color, she'll test it out. What matters to me is that the hair products are healthy.

My daughter will do what she wants with her hair. That's how you get to know yourself, and be proud.

In New York, hair care is very important. There's an expression – to be taken literally – that says that the best thing is to get married to a doctor or to a hairdresser. Because here the hairdressing budget is huge! On Sundays, you can hang out in tracksuits and sneakers, but your blowout must always be impeccable. I have more of an au naturel hair approach. I like the idea of leaving it as it is. 

Nathalie and Harper's routine

Simple steps to share a special mother-daughter moment, a moment that is all your own. Welcome to the "hair workshop"!

Detangle curls (no comb, no brush, but mom's fingers) ...


Detangle curls (no comb, no brush, but mom's fingers) ...

...with Argan oil for 30 minutes every night.


...with Argan oil for 30 minutes every night.

While reading a story or styling her doll’s hair.


While reading a story or styling her doll’s hair.

And some sprays to maintain curls and moisturize them!


And some sprays to maintain curls and moisturize them!

Our treatments for women with curly or coiled hair

Hydrating Styling Cream

Karinga Hydrating Styling Cream

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