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3 trends to shine at 60

Grey or colored, long or short, styled or messy: at 60, I want what suits me best!

There's no age-limit to turning back time. When you're over 60, your hair may be thinner and less dense; so you look for just the right hairstyle. Should you aim for a youthful style? Or simply accept the years like a fine wine? Here are some ideas to find your ideal balance.

Placed slightly lower, a hair clip helps bump up the hair for a bit more volume.
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The return of the hair clip

It was the star of the playground, but the hair clip is making a comeback... on our more mature heads. It brings elegance and maturity to long haircuts that want to stay that way. Placed slightly lower, it helps bump up the hair for a bit more volume. You can choose a metal, beaded, tortoiseshell, or wooden style. But always graphic or minimalist. The choice is vast. It will be bohemian chic, holding up a slightly disheveled half-ponytail. But be careful: if you have fine hair, it shouldn’t be too heavy, otherwise it could slip.

The wave sets you in motion.
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Movement with a wavy bob

A slight wave has crept into your hair. You've opted for a short, square cut and your round face is beautifully vibrant. It's the no-fuss hairstyle that makes you look relaxed, like you're on vacation all year round. The wave sets you in motion. Ask your daughter-in-law for a straightening iron or wear different braided hairstyles to create natural curls while you sleep!

Accepting your gray hair
Accepting and showing off your gray hair

Accepting and showing off your gray hair: how freeing it feels! A daring feat for which you will be rewarded. You will radiate gentleness and sensuality, and it is an undeniable asset of style and modernity. But white hair requires special care: more sensitive and fragile, it needs adapted care, such as moisturizing masks once a week, and toning purple shampoos, such as Okara Silver by René Furterer, or even a color-depositing shampoo.

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