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The right ingredient


Shea, a butter like no other

It is found in almost all compositions. Do the test: turn your jars and bottles around and look at the labels; there's a good chance you'll find it. Shea butter has become a staple of moisturizers and nourishers, but what is it really? How is it used to its full potential? Why is it so often preferred to other fats?

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is the main product of the fruits of the shea tree. Shea is found throughout tropical Africa, from Mali to Sudan to Burkina Faso, where it is a lucky tree. Butyrospermum parkii, its ancient name literally meaning "butter seeds," produces nuts containing fleshy kernels from which one of the most widely used and affordable vegetable fats in the Sahel is extracted through mechanical pressure. In its refined version, this fat, which is produced exclusively by women, is used as margarine in the sub-Saharan diet.
But it is in its raw version that it has reached us and our cosmetics. It is easily recognizable by its yellow-green color, when it is not purified, and by its almond-like smell. It is found in blocks wrapped in leaves in African markets, a form that allows it to be stored for years if not exposed to air and heat.

Is it really better than the others?

In short: yes. The reasons for its success can be summed up in three words: texture, composition and properties. To the touch, shea butter is a treasure trove of sensoriality: creamy, easy to apply, especially on very thick hair, it is included in many formulas, making them irresistible, dense, and rich.
But it is in terms of composition that shea butter really makes the difference: with nearly 10% unsaponifiable matter (that insoluble and non-transformable part that retains the most interesting active ingredients), it crushes the competition, which generally has around 1%. From vitamins A and E (antioxidants), karitene (anti-UV) to triterpene alcohols (anti-inflammatory), shea butter is full of scientifically proven molecules. Essential fatty acids, which are key to the functioning of the skin and impossible for humans to synthesize, are also present in large quantities in the butter, justifying its nutritional value.
In addition to these magnificent qualities, it also stands out from oils because of its ease of application, its ability to protect and envelop the hair fiber with a nourishing lipidic film, and its coverage effect which limits perspiration and therefore dehydration. Contrary to popular belief, it does not make the hair grow faster, but it does help to moisturize it in depth and protect it from external aggressions, which is already a lot!

René and shea butter

Organic and ethical, the shea butter used in all Furterer products comes exclusively from the work of the women of SOTOKACC, a cooperative in Burkina Faso with which the brand has worked since 2007. This responsible supply chain is the result of a meeting between Nathalie Ouattara, the founder of the structure, and Pierre Fabre, whom she was able to convince of the quality of her shea butter and the expertise of her employees. Today, it is the star ingredient and active principle of the Karité range, specially designed for dry and very dry hair, and the secret of the Karinga range for frizzy and thick hair. Its nutritional qualities make it a powerful ally for all hair lacking in moisture!

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Intense Nourishing Day Cream

Karité Nutri Intense Nourishing Day Cream

Intensely nourishes - Intensely repairs

Ultimate Hydrating Mask

Karinga Ultimate Hydrating Mask

Repairs deeply - Protects and hydrates sensitive hair

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