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The right ingredient

Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil, an essential for our hair!

Its small thin purple branches sticking out of the fields of Provence is perhaps as famous as the Eiffel Tower or the Moulin Rouge! Olfactory, relaxing or medicinal, lavender has crossed the centuries by distilling its benefits from the Mediterranean basin to the four corners of the world. Its essential oil is one of the most used, and rightly so! But what can it do for our hair? We tell you everything.

Hair in general is pretty good. It has an incredible strength
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A short history of lavender

An iconic Mediterranean plant, its origins can be traced back to Antiquity: it appeared in Mesopotamia with the Assyrians who already used its oil, then in Egypt where it was an important export, with the Greeks who integrated it into their pharmacopoeia, and especially with the Romans. To perfume the baths, to drive out bad smells, to protect oneself from diseases or to keep harmful ones at bay, lavender is one of the most appreciated plants by the Roman nobility.

It then crossed the centuries, and during the Middle Ages its medicinal virtues are praised. Headaches, congestion of the lungs, washing of the eyes, it was even used against the great plagues of the 16th century.

Never out of fashion, it has gained a place in the pantheon of perfumers thanks to its unique smell. Its cultivation practices in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence are now classified as a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Decoctions of dried flowers, twigs in ornaments, drops of perfume in the hollow of the neck, we prefer it as an essential oil!

From the plant to the essential oil

We say " lavender " but we should rather speak about it in the plural: lavenders, or lavendula, are a genus of plants of the Lamiaceae family which includes more than fifty species. Melliferous plants adored by bees, lavenders grow on calcareous, dry and sunny soils. " True ” lavender, or Lavendula angustifolia, is the star of the family. It grows from 1200 m of altitude as a small shrub with stems from 30 to 60 cm high. It is found in France in the region of Sault, in the Vaucluse, where it is cultivated in fields that bloom in early summer.

It is harvested when the flower is three-quarters wilted, at a specific time of day that affects the chemical composition of the essence that can be collected. The collected flowers are then distilled by steam distillation to obtain the essential oil.

Skin regenerating, soothing and purifying, natural lavender essential oil is a must in aromatherapy. Whether diffused or applied, it is a benchmark for skin problems and periods of anxiety. Its intense, floral scent is instantly recognizable and evokes a sense of calm and relaxation.

On the hair side, it works its benefits on the scalp thanks to its toning action which stimulates the microcirculation behind good hair growth. It is stronger, shinier and regains its vitality!

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Lavender essential oil at René Furterer

It is a star at home too! True lavender essential oil is an essential ingredient in some of our most popular formulas. Combined with orange essential oil, it is at the heart of Complex 5, our toning and stimulating plant concentrate. It prepares the scalp by awakening the microcirculation for a more efficient routine. It is also present in our #1 anti- loss of density ritual, the Triphasic range, where its antibacterial and toning action helps the scalp to rebalance in order to boost growth. Finally, we particularly like it for its sensoriality: its soothing and enveloping scent transforms the use of these formulas into a true well-being ritual for the senses.

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