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How bad is it, doctor?

What are the benefits of aromatherapy for my scalp and the beauty of my hair?


41 years old

" What are the benefits of aromatherapy for my scalp and the beauty of my hair? "

41 years old

Nathalie Lloret’s answer



" Nathalie Lloret, doctor of pharmacy, aromatherapy and phytotherapy

Nathalie Lloret is a doctor of pharmacy, aroma and phytotherapy. She discovered the power of essential oils. Since then, she has been spreading the word through her training organization, SOME Phyto-aroma, which specializes in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, health and nutrition."

What is aromatherapy?

Simply put, it is the use of essential oils to provide a therapeutic response to physical or emotional challenges.

Essential oils are pure, total, and natural extracts from aromatic plants. They can be obtained either by steam distillation, which is the case for most of them, or by extraction. There are many benefits, and they are coupled with an unmatched sensory pleasure that turns each application into a well-being ritual. It is around them that René Furterer has developed a unique and historic expertise that has made the brand and its ranges so successful, combining proven therapeutic effectiveness and sensoriality.

Each scalp has its own essential oil complex!

Essential oils are already good. But a skillful mixture of essential oils, called a complex, can increase the desired effects tenfold thanks to synergies. We generally combine oils with similar therapeutic powers. By selecting oils from different families with different modes of action, but which contribute to the same effect, the effectiveness of the treatment is multiplied!

For the hair, whatever combination of essential oils you use, it is to rebalance the scalp by acting in different ways. Stimulate vascularization and the surface of scalps lacking in tone and dull hair, or regulate an irritated or overactive scalp to soothe all over? There are combinations for all types and needs. Dandruff, itching, excess sebum, loss of strength, slowing down loss of hair... Essential oils have real benefits for the hair: just choose them well!

The goal is clear: a healthy and balanced scalp for healthy hair! At René Furterer, we have divided essential oils into two main categories: hot and cold, which we find in Complex 5 and Astera Fresh. Let's go to the presentations.

Warm essential oils: stimulate growth better

Sweet orange and lavender are at the heart of Complex 5, our legendary ritual with warming essential oils. Their number 1 quality? Stimulate microcirculation on the surface of the scalp to tone and restore hair strength and beauty.

Sweet orange, with its purifying and astringent properties, is unrivaled in boosting the microcirculation of scalps that are losing momentum. Lack of tone, dull hair? Lavender does the job: it invigorates and puts everyone back on the right track, and has as an anti-stress effect to help you relax.

The combined work of these two champions, often paired with lemon essential oil, makes them a formidable team against loss of hair, fortify hair lacking vitality and provide resistance and strength.

Take a few minutes to let them captivate you before you apply. Follow with a stimulating massage from the nape of the neck to the forehead to activate the microcirculation of the scalp and increase the effects of the precious active ingredients tenfold (see the video below).

Cold essential oils: soothe the scalp

The freshness of mint, the thrill of eucalyptus ... Cold essential oils make up a large family dedicated to soothing irritation and inflammation that can cause the appearance of dandruff and lead to excess sebum production.
The Astera Fresh complex combines the action of spearmint essential oil, known for its refreshing, healing and regenerating properties, with eucalyptus oil which helps to soothe and purify when applied.

The synergy of the two oils immediately calms the most sensitive scalps while working to heal them. Result: we " keep a cool head ", the scalp is lastingly relieved, the itching disappears, the hair regains its flexibility and shine!

Before getting into a relaxing massage from the forehead to the back of the neck following our expert’s gestures, take the time to gently breathe in these oils with relaxing powers. Their polar blast will help you relax before you begin your ritual. A moment of freshness and soothing for the scalp and the senses (see video below).


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