Damaged, brittle hair

Damaged, brittle hair

Brittle, damaged hair with split ends that has lost its strength and elasticity. The natural active ingredients contained in René Furterer hair care products provide long-lasting protection for in-depth repair. Discover our products.

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Damaged, brittle hair: repairing and hydrating hair care products
Damaged, brittle hair: repairing and hydrating hair care products

What is damaged hair?

Hair is subject to numerous daily aggressors: repeated styling, exposure to the sun and pollution, unsuitable hair routines... The result? Hair sometimes becomes brittle. Damaged, it feels dry, lacks elasticity and shine.

Causes of damaged and brittle hair

Hair loses its elasticity when exposed to a poor hair care routine or overly aggressive treatment. Less resistant, it looks damaged and brittle. There are many causes of brittle hair. It could be rough brush strokes, repeated straightening, the use of heat stylers, or repeated bleaching and coloring.

Creating a routine adapted to damaged and brittle hair: which treatments and remedies to choose from?

Products with a natural composition are perfect for taking care of damaged hair. The natural active ingredients help to restore beauty, strength, and softness to the hair. 
These treatments can be combined within a hair routine to repair hair faster and for longer. For example, a shampoo and mask dedicated to brittle hair can be used.

Shampoos for damaged and brittle hair

The first step in taking care of damaged hair? Opt for the right shampoo!
Shampoos for brittle and damaged hair can rebuild the hair fiber to restore its beauty. Gentle on both the hair and scalp, they clean deep down and make detangling and styling easier. The hair is then lighter, softer, and shinier. Sulfate-free and silicone-free, these products are made entirely from natural ingredients and work deeply on the hair fiber. 

Hair treatments: a trump card for dealing with damaged hair

Shampoo is not always enough to repair brittle hair. Very often, you need to combine it with a repairing mask. The masks can be adapted according to hair type, whether it is fine or thick. Available in jars and tubes, René Furterer hair care products are enriched with Plant-Based Keratin and various repairing active ingredients. 
Used as a one-month treatment, they sheath the hair and rebuild its resistance. Just like the anti-breakage shampoos, these solutions allow for gentle detangling. Applied once or twice a week, they do not weigh down the hair while deeply repairing it.

Other products to complete your anti-breakage hair care routine

Repairing beauty creams, oils, serums, dietary supplements... You can repair your hair in more than one way: 
Repairing creams are for everyday use: the treatment should be applied to the lengths 
Oils, on the other hand, can be applied all year round, as a treatment or to the ends of the hair. 
Serums should be applied in very small quantities to dry hair or after shampooing. Their subtle finish and fast action make them the perfect allies for restoring hair to its former glory. 
There are also dietary supplements. These small ingestible capsules are ideal for supplementing a diet that is not rich enough, a common cause of brittle hair. Containing many vitamins and various plant-based active ingredients, dietary supplements help to maintain healthy hair. 

Essential steps for preventing brittle hair

Eliminating overly damaging gestures from your hair routine is essential for getting your soft and shiny hair back. You should, in addition to choosing appropriate care, avoid heated appliances and brushing your hair too roughly. Using a natural bristle brush and cutting off damaged ends regularly are good practices to limit hair breakage. Very tight hairstyles should also be avoided.

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