Used since the dawn of time to care for and beautify hair, hair oils are an essential part of the hair beauty routine.

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Hair oils: your hair’s beauty secret

Hair oils

Hair and body oils have been used by women and men for decades. Suitable for all hair types, they deeply nourish the hair and add shine. Used on the body, oils hydrate the dermis and make the skin supple and soft. When should you use body oil? What about the hair? Which oil should you choose?

What is a hair or body oil?

Thanks to their hydrating and nourishing power, hair oils deeply repair the hair fiber and protect it from external aggressors. Hair oils bring suppleness, softness, and shine to the hair without weighing it down. Hair oil is also ideal for preparing the hair for shampooing and making it easier to detangle and style. The oils are equally beneficial for the body, as they restore suppleness to the skin and subtly perfume it. Hair and body oils have the same objective: to hydrate and provide softness. They are highly effective and suitable for all hair types.

When should you use hair and body oils?

Thanks to their subtle floral and plant-based scent, hair oils are the perfect union of nourishment and sensuality. They provide hair with many benefits. Dry oils can be applied to all hair types. They are particularly effective on dry and damaged hair, thanks to their richness in fatty acids, but are also suitable for normal hair. They can therefore be used as a preventive measure to keep hair healthy and give it shine. Oil can also be applied to dry or damaged hair to provide extra moisture, protect it from heat, or treat it after heat exposure or coloring.

Body oil, hair oil or 2-in-1: which René Furterer product should you choose?

René Furterer offers several oils:

  • Body oils: they cleanse the skin and make it soft. They are often used after showering, or in the summer after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Hair oils: René Furterer offers highly nourishing fatty oils and dry oils, to be applied with your hands or in the bath. Hair oils are for dry to very dry hair and tightly coiled, natural, or straightened hair. They can also be applied to the lengths and tips of normal hair to maintain it.
  • Dry oils for hair and body: these 2-in-1 oils provide nourishment and protection for hair and skin. Their non-sticky and satin-like feel makes them imperceptible to the eye as well as to the touch. It is therefore possible to apply a dry oil just before getting dressed or going out, without fear of having greasy skin or hair.

How do you apply hair oils?

Hair oils can be applied before shampooing, on dry hair, or after shampooing, by smoothing through the hair with your hands. In the first case, the oil should be applied for about 20 minutes or overnight, depending on the hair's hydration needs. We recommend applying hair oils mainly on the lengths and ends, so as not to make the roots and scalp greasy. You do not need to apply too much product: the oil easily penetrates the hair fiber and may be difficult to rinse out when applied in too large quantities.

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