moringa oil
Moringa oil
Hair care products with Moringa oil

Hair care products with Moringa oil

Moringa is a tree with many benefits. Moringa oil's richness in fatty acids and antioxidants make it the ingredient of choice for very dry, coily or dehydrated hair needing intense moisture.

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Learn more about Moringa oil products
Learn more about Moringa oil products

Moringa: a tree with many beneficial properties

Native to India, the Moringa is an extraordinary tree found mainly in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar and in the arid zones of Asia and Africa. The Moringa Oleifera, to give it its full title, has been renowned for millennia for its many benefits and myriaduses. Its countless uses throughout the ages and still today make it a cornerstone of many Indian and African communities. Moringa is an essential plant in Ayurvedic medicine, which uses it in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

All the extraordinary benefits of Moringa, nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic, have earned it the nicknames "tree of life", "the miracle tree" or "the never die tree", due to its survival ability. Moringa is also an exceptional hair care ingredient, thanks to its moisturizing properties. Its oil is used to care for dry, coily, curly or sensitive hair.

Moringa oil: the secret weapon for moisturizing coily and curly hair

Moringa oil works miracles on curly and coily hair. This type of hair is particularly fragile because of the shape of its hair fiber, but also because of the scalp. Coily and curly hair have a very tight, spiral curl structure. The hair is weakened by the curls and shape of the hair, as at each curl the cuticle is very flexed and the hair diameter is thinner, which makes it a weak spot for breakage. Coily and curly hair is therefore very fragile and sensitive to brushing, blow-drying and using heat-styling tools, but also to everyday styling and even using elastics to tie it up. When the hair is damaged, you may see a lot of frizz at the ends of the hair fibers. This can also be caused by lack of moisture. The scalp of curly and coily hair is very dry, as it produces little sebum. This sebum also has difficulty reaching the strands of the hair because of their curly shape. The sebum stagnates at the scalp: the hair becomes greasier. Conversely, some types of curly or coily hair have a problem with very dry scalp, due to this low sebum production.
The key to taking care of your curly hair? Deeply nourish and moisturize your locks with Moringa oil.

René Furterer hair care with Moringa oil: a patented extract

While all parts of the Moringa tree are consumable and usable, it is the seeds and what surrounds them that gave us a super powerful active ingredient with nourishing, moisturizing and restructuring properties for the hair. The Moringa seed and its tegument (the envelope that surrounds it) are full of fatty acids, polar lipids and polyphenols, active ingredients perfect for coily or curly hair products. Thanks to our botanical and plant extraction expertise, we have succeeded in getting the best out of Moringa to create a unique and patented extract, able to penetrate and act at the heart of the hair fiber. It rebuilds the intercellular cement, thus reinforcing the strength of the hair. Our Moringa oil is ultra concentrated in active ingredients to lastingly fight hair breakage and dehydration. What makes Moringa so robust, almost indestructible in its natural environment, comes to weakened hair’s rescue to regenerate and restore its splendor.

Karinga: the Moringa oil hair care range created for coily and curly hair

René Furterer’s botanical expertise has created a range of hair care products specifically formulated for curly and coily hair: Karinga. Moringa oil is a key ingredient in the Karinga range. Karinga shampoos, styling creams and masks have powerful restructuring, protective and moisturizing properties. The various oils and active ingredients envelop the hair fiber to create a protective effect, which results in softening the curl and therefore making detangling a breeze. Using these products regularly helps to keep this fragile and vulnerable hair type properly hydrated. The products in the Karinga range are made of 100% natural active ingredients and do not contain silicone. Adopt a new hair routine enriched with Moringa: expertly tailored products for everyday care of your coily and curly hair.


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