Hair lacking in volume

Hair lacking in volume

Hair lacking in volume can be saved. For fine, flat hair, there are expert care routines, enriched with natural active ingredients, that provide volume and substance.

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Fine hair without volume: products and care routines
Fine hair without volume: products and care routines

How do you increase volume?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a shiny mane every day. Indeed, some people have fine hair by nature. Others have hair that lacks volume because they suffer from thinning or have brittle hair. In all cases, the use of suitable hair treatment products often allows for increased volume.

Hair without volume: frequent causes

Some people are privileged to have naturally thick and voluminous hair. Others have fine hair by nature. The culprit is very often genetics: heredity can lead to hair that is just as full as it is fine. People with long hair but no volume are victims of gravity and tend to have a naturally flat cut.
Oily hair is another cause of lack of volume: when hair follicles and hair roots are suffocated by sebum, the hair becomes heavier and hair volume is reduced.
Hair without volume is sometimes due to other factors such as humidity, pollution or the use of unsuitable hair products. It is therefore important to read the instructions on the shampoo and conditioner bottles before buying them, to ensure that they correspond to your hair profile.

Volumizing hair products enriched with plant-based active ingredients

There are a multitude of products for restoring volume to hair. Shampoos, care products, conditioners and styling mousses are ideal allies in the fight against lack of volume. With them, the hair looks fuller with bouncy volume.
Our recommendation? Focus on products enriched with active ingredients and natural essential oils, free from silicone. They concentrate many benefits from plants, which help to make hair more voluminous.
Here are a few tips to help you choose your special flat hair care routine.

Choosing the right shampoo for fine hair without volume

René Furterer volumizing shampoos are specially designed for people with naturally fine hair. They cleanse the hair without weighing it down and add texture to fine hair. Volume guaranteed!
People suffering from thinning hair should instead turn to shampoos designed to add volume to the hair. Shampoos designed to treat thinning hair can improve the appearance of hair and gently restore volume.
How you apply your shampoo is very important. To increase volume, it is best to gently massage the scalp with small circular movements. This stimulates blood circulation while avoiding activating sebum production. Finishing your wash routine by rinsing with cold water is also recommended for optimal volume.

Opt for a conditioner or a volumizing treatment, for 100% bouncy volume.

Incorporating conditioners and care products into your beauty routine is essential: these products work miracles on flat hair and restore its beauty. Checking the composition of the products is essential for obtaining full volume hair: products with silicone should be avoided. It's important to choose products enriched with natural active ingredients, such as Carob extract, which acts as a support for the hair and provides volume from the roots to the ends!

Styling mousse, for voluminous hair that lasts all day long

The last ally of hair in need of volume: styling mousse. Styling mousse is a product that can be applied to dry, damp, smooth, curly or wavy hair. It structures the hairstyle while giving it nice, controlled volume. The high-volume trick? Blow-dry hair upside down, at a low temperature, after applying a small amount of mousse to the lengths. This gesture adds lift to the roots and provides a maximum dose of volume.

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