Wax & modeling paste

Wax & modeling paste

Wax and modeling pastes are precious allies for working the hair while obtaining a long-lasting and natural look. Undetectable to the naked eye, they can be used to create many different hairstyles.

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Hair wax and modeling paste
Hair wax and modeling paste

Styling your hair with a wax or modeling paste

The majority of men and women use styling products to structure their hairstyles and keep them in place throughout the day. Traditional gels and lacquers are not loved by everyone. There are alternatives to these fixing products for short and medium-length hair: hair modeling pastes and styling waxes. Modeling pastes and waxes are different styling products, although they are quite similar in appearance. It is important to take into account your hair type when making the right choice. What are their properties? Who are they intended for? René Furterer gives you the lowdown on these fixing and structuring products.

Hair wax

Styling wax comes in the form of a greasy but lightweight paste. It gives the hair body and provides a strong hold. It is therefore ideal for difficult-to-style hair. Hair wax offers a greater or lesser degree of fixation depending on the type of wax chosen. It is suitable for all hair lengths but is particularly suitable for short or medium-length cuts.
Wax has many advantages: it lasts from shampoo to shampoo, does not flake, and gives a very natural look. There are waxes for matte or shiny hair with an extra-strong hold or softer hold. Hair wax is ideal for thick or normal hair. However, it is not recommended for people with oily hair. This styling product contains substances that tend to accentuate the greasy quality of the hair when it is already present.
You can use hair wax every day, as long as you rinse it well every evening and allow for moments without wax. It tends to trap sebum on the skin and create a sort of seal around the scalp.
Applying wax to hair is easy: simply heat a small amount of product between your hands to make it pliable, then spread it over dry or slightly damp hair. A few hand strokes through the hair are then necessary to push the hair back or create a structured effect. Hair waxes do not dry completely and can be shaped throughout the day.

Modeling pastes for hair

Modeling pastes are becoming more and more widespread. Composed of natural ingredients and enriched with active ingredients, they hold hairstyles in place while caring for the hair. Some people prefer modeling pastes to gel: they are more subtle and just as effective at sculpting and reshaping hair. Halfway between gel and wax, modeling paste allows you to work or rework the hair like a wax while having the long-lasting hold of a gel. It can be used on any type of hair, regardless of its length. Convenient for taming flyaway hair, it's suitable for normal, thick, dry hair and can even help to fix cowlicks. Different types of styling pastes with different finishes can be found, ranging from shiny to matte.
Thanks to their softer setting texture, the modeling pastes provide a natural semi-matte finish without weighing down the hair. The easy-to-work fixative paste allows you to achieve well-structured hairstyles or tousled styles. It is not greasy and has a fairly matte finish, which allows it to be used subtly.

Wax or modeling paste?

Modeling paste is suitable for all hair types, unlike wax, which is not suitable for fine hair. It helps to better shape hair and create more complex hairstyles. Wax, on the other hand, makes it easier to re-style your hair with one hand at any time of the day.

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