Essential oils treatments for hair

Essential oils treatments for hair

Essential oils are at the heart of our hair care products. These natural ingredients are precious both for their effectiveness and the sensory journey they provide.

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Hair essential oils

Essential oils are full of exceptional therapeutic and olfactory properties for scalp health and hair beauty.
Essential oils contain the very essence of the plants or fruits from which they are extracted. 
Their name comes from the Latin essentia which means " the nature of something ".
They are obtained either by steam distillation or by mechanical cold pressing.

These extraction methods reveal the very nature of these aromatic plants. A few examples of their precious benefits... Their toning and vasodilating virtues fight against hair falling out and promote hair growth. Their stimulating action strengthens tired hair. Their astringent and antibacterial properties cleanse oily scalps.

How to use essential oils for hair?

Essential oils develop all their benefits obviously at the time of applying the treatment. The scalp massage allows you to take advantage of their soothing, stimulating, antibacterial or sanitizing properties...             

But we must not neglect their olfactory power. Breathing in their scent before applying the treatment will carry their message to the emotional center of the brain.
A hair treatment with essential oils provides efficiency and improves well-being.
Discover our ranges full of essential oils for scalp comfort and hair beauty.

Complex 5: scalp massage with essential oils

Complex 5 is René Furterer’s iconic product. It’s for all those who are looking for the ultimate beauty treatment to restore strength and health to their hair.
Its formula has remained unchanged for over 60 years. It is composed of warm lavender and orange essential oils. 
Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile and popular essential oils in aromatherapy. It is particularly beneficial for the hair.
Composed of monoterpenes, it has a tonic action on the skin, especially on the scalp. With its fungicidal and bactericidal properties, it plays an essential role in protecting the scalp and hair. Also, it provides relaxing effects through the sense of smell.
Composed of 90% limonene with strong stimulating powers, orange essential oil comes from orange peels. It improves the blood flow of the scalp with its invigorating action. And thanks to thanks to its stimulating and vasodilating properties, it improves microcirculation.
It also contains linalool with astringent properties that dries mucous membranes. Orange essential oil is therefore beneficial for dull, tired hair that gets greasy quickly. 

With essential oils, hair growth is stimulated

Triphasic care products respond to all loss of hair problems:

  • progressive, linked to a hormonal or hereditary problem
  • reactionary, which appears in response to an event.

In both cases, essential oils are very effective in slowing down hair falling out and promoting growth. Whether by their therapeutic or olfactory properties, 


Triphasic Progressive: essential oils fight loss of hair

Progressive loss of hair is premature hair loss. It results from a dysfunction, often genetic, in the hair follicle. The growth phase of the hair (the anagen phase) becomes shorter. This leads to an acceleration of the hair cycle, as well as a progressive miniaturization of the hair follicles. The hair's ability to renew itself is lost more quickly and can lead to partial or total baldness.
Combined with Biotrinin, ATP and Brazilian ginseng extract, the essential oils in the Triphasic Progressive range help to prolong the life of the hair during its growth phase. This stops hair cycles from spiraling out of control.
Sweet orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) has stimulating and vasodilating properties. They promote microcirculation. As a result, they optimize the supply of nutrients and energy to the dermal papilla and the hair bulb.
It is combined with the oldest of them all: lavender essential oil. 
Lavender essential oil can fight anxiety, nervousness and treat respiratory infections... It is also antiseptic and bactericidal.

Triphasic Reactional: lemon essential oil to help with reactive loss of density

Triphasic Reactional is the complete treatment for reactive loss of density It can be due to stress, fatigue, after a pregnancy... 
It quickly restores hair growth and strengthens it while preserving the balance of the scalp. 
Its formula combines powerful active ingredients: Lotus Mineral Complex™, ATP, natural Brazilian ginseng extract, vitamins, trace minerals and essential oils.
The properties of lemon essential oil are incredible! 
It’s antiseptic, anti-infectious, antiviral, slimming, toning for the skin and revitalizing for the skin and hair. It’s a real antiseptic stimulant.
We chose it for the Triphasic Reactional range because of its complementary action with Brazilian ginseng extract.
The formula is also composed of sweet orange and lavender essential oils for their stimulating and vasodilating properties.


Triphasic: essential oils in a fortifying shampoo

The stimulating shampoo from the Triphasic range combines two highly effective active ingredients known for their anti-hair loss properties. ATP and natural Brazilian ginseng extract are combined with essential oils. Applying the treatment is an opportunity to self-massage the scalp in circular movements. The biospheres contained in the formula then burst and release the highly stimulating power of the essential oils they contain. They boost skin microcirculation and intensify the supply of nutrients and energy, essential for stimulating the growth of strong hair.

Forticea: essential oils to strengthen hair

The Forticea range is one of the pillars of the brand. It is an anti-loss of density supplement and also strengthens tired hair.
Guarana, the new active ingredient of the range, is combined with one of our brand's iconic active ingredients: essential oils. We find a trio of essential oils in the formulas: 

  • sweet orange (Citrus aurentium) for its stimulating properties;
  • lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) for its vasodilating and antiseptic properties;
  • rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) for its stimulating action. 

For tired hair, essential oils encapsulated in the biospheres of the formula restore strength to the hair and release a very delicate fragrance.
In addition to their noticeable effectiveness, essential oils also have very sensory qualities. They turn the application into a real moment of well-being.

Astera: effective essential oils for sensitive scalps

Astera is a concentrate to rebalance and soothe overactive scalps. To do this, it draws on the benefits of cold mint and eucalyptus essential oils. 
During a relaxing massage, this treatment provides an immediate sensation of freshness. It offers a real moment of relaxation and well-being for itchy or uncomfortable scalps. 
For itchy scalps, mint essential oil helps relieve pain with a cooling sensation.
In fact, menthol activates the cold receptors and inhibits the production of inflammatory mediators. 
In addition, the ketones contained in mint essential oil have a soothing effect on the central nervous system. They are stress-relieving. They will thus make it possible to regulate the overproduction of sebum caused by a specific stress. 
Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus) contains vasoconstrictor oxides on the surface which reinforce this feeling of freshness. It also has antiseptic properties.

Curbicia: essential oils against greasy hair

Curbicia Lightness Regulating Shampoo gently eliminates excess sebum. Natural Curbicia extract regulates excessive sebum production. Here, it is associated with the purifying and aromatic essential oils of thyme, rosemary, clove and orange. Hair becomes fresh and light again.
Thyme essential oil is anti-infectious. It’s also very effective against all skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, etc.). 
Its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial actions prove to be very effective in cleansing oily scalps prone to bacterial growth.
With its cleansing and astringent properties, rosemary essential oil has many benefits for the hair. 
A general stimulant, clove essential oil is purifying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It allows the scalp to be cleansed. Its eugenol content gives it a sebum-reducing effect.
Orange essential oil is known to have antibacterial and fungicidal properties, ideal for excess sebum. It is also purifying because of its limonene content, but also astringent thanks to the linalool. It thus aids in drying the mucous membrane responsible for hyperseborrhea.

Tonucia: essential oils for dry hair

Tonucia Natural Filler is the pro-youth ritual for thinning and tired hair.
The formulas of its care products use several natural active ingredients. Tamarind seed extract (a plant-like hyaluronic acid) is combined with wheat micro-proteins, orange essential oil and vitamins.
Orange essential oil is very effective for damaged hair. It has a real mechanical action. It causes the skin to heat up which makes blood flow better. And thus stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp. It also has toning properties that are very beneficial for scalp health and hair beauty.

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