In the hair care industry, the René Furterer brand is constantly creating, innovating and pushing the boundaries.

René Furterer was a visionary in the field of hair care products. He was the first to create plant-based hair care products that luxuriously combine real effectiveness with a sensory experience.

An expert and passionate botanist, he became interested in aromatherapy, an art known for thousands of years but rarely used for hair and scalp care. This was over 60 years ago...

The art of transcending the therapeutic properties of plants

Aromatherapy is the oldest therapy in the world!

Today it is considered a branch of phytotherapy and is based on the medicinal virtues of essential oils. These aromatic compounds extracted from plants are either administered orally or used externally.

It was not until 1930 that aromatherapy was given this name, and then not until the1970s that the term essential oils was used—which has the advantage of being very indicative. Essential oils are oils containing the essence of a plant.

There are several ways this precious oil can be obtained.

  • Steam distillation allows the essence of a plant to be extracted without altering it. This can be an aromatic plant, a flower, a fruit, a wood or a berry...
  • Mechanical cold pressing and decanting subjects the plant substance to strong pressure – as its name indicates – exerted by a hydraulic press. This method is reserved for plants or fruits such as citrus fruits.

These natural extraction methods transcend the power of the plants' therapeutic properties. The result is precious oils that are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients.


How to use essential oils

Essential oils can be used in several ways, whether alone or diluted in a plant-based oil.

  • Skin use

A few drops of essential oils, placed on the wrist for example, penetrate the different layers of the skin to reach the bloodstream.

  • The olfactory path

Once breathed in, the odors and olfactory messages contained in the oils are transported to the limbic system where our affective memory and emotions reside.

  • The oral or sublingual path

In the mucous membranes and under the tongue, there is a very important blood and nerve network that rapidly transports the ingested oils. Their effectiveness is almost instant.

Hair care products packed with essential oils

Choosing a hair care product with essential oils means benefiting from the combination of two types of active ingredient absorption.


· Through the olfactory path

Before applying the treatment, we strongly recommended taking the time to breathe in the scent. The olfactory message of the essential oils it contains will be sent directly to the brain’s emotional headquarters.

· Through skin use

During the application of the hair care product, the properties of the essential oils penetrate the layers of the scalp and are then transported by the bloodstream.

René Furterer selects rare and precious essential oils

René Furterer has always been an expert in mastering nature.

It draws an infinite source of health and beauty for the hair and scalp directly from the botanical world. With a mastery of natural ingredients, it designs formulas to enhance the beauty and health of the hair.

Rare and infinitely precious, essential oils are the quintessence of plants. They contain a real concentrate of active ingredients. Quickly absorbed by the scalp, they act deep down, directly on the hair bulb and its environment.

Thanks to a perfect mastery of aromatherapy and a natural extraction method, the purity and integrity of the plant and fruit properties are perfectly respected.

They are carefully selected for their therapeutic and aromatic benefits.


The René Furterer brand creates unique, pure and high-quality concoctions by combining these essential oils with plant extracts. These extracts are chosen from more than 250,000 plant species in order to draw the most intense benefits from them.

The cultivation of the plants, their extraction method and the manufacturing process are crucial steps in the creation of a unique and precious care product.

All essential oils are obtained by steam distillation. Only citrus fruits are processed by simple mechanical pressure and decanting.

Their efficacy and safety are guaranteed by these two traditional methods, which ensure the optimal concentration of their active molecules.


Each treatment is designed to provide a unique experience. Essential oils are combined to offer the user a precious synergy of effectiveness and sensoriality.

Lavender, for example, is chosen for its stimulating properties, eucalyptus for its soothing virtues, mint for its refreshing benefits...

Essential oils are highly powerful active ingredients. They must therefore be used wisely. This is why René Furterer clearly indicates on its products any restrictions on use, particularly for pregnant women.

Dull and tired hair, an overactive or fatigued scalp... every symptom can benefit from a nourishing combination of essential oils and plant extracts.

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