Castor oil
Castor oil hair care

Castor oil hair care

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A natural ingredient for the skin and hair
A natural ingredient for the skin and hair

Castor oil: a natural skin and hair care product 

Castor oil is known for its effects on hair growth and for reducing hair loss. But it also has great nourishing and moisturising properties for both the hair and skin. A boost of vitality for the body that René Furterer has included in many of its formulas. 

The many hair and skin benefits of castor oil 

Originating from North Africa and the Middle East, it has been known since the dawn of time! It was used in ancient times by Queen Cleopatra, a well-kept beauty secret. Obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the castor plant, a small tropical African shrub from the euphorbiaceae family, castor oil has been used over the centuries as a fuel, antiseptic and beauty product. 100% plant based, the product is sometimes referred to as “castor oil” on our French composition labels.


Castor oil is viscous and very rich in vitamins. Composed of ricinoleic, oleic (omega-9) and linoleic (omega-6) fatty acids, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects in depth. Castor oil restores shine, softness, strength and vigour to tired and damaged long hair. But it is most renowned for its effects on the scalp: with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, castor oil helps to cleanse and purify, thus relieving scalps prone to irritation. Castor oil also works wonders on the skin. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes very dry skin. The various fatty acids in its composition stimulate the production of collagen and restore the skin's elasticity, which helps to reduce wrinkles.

Castor oil: ideal for hair growth

While hair grows about 0.4 of an inch a month, this growth rate depends on various factors. External aggression, heredity, disease, stress, seasonal changes and hormonal variations can all contribute to weakening our hair, even causing it to fall out and damaging growth.


Castor oil can offer a boost, stimulating hair growth or reviving it after a period of hair loss. Used as a treatment, it has stimulating and micro-regulating effects on the roots and scalp, providing nutrients and vitamins to boost hair growth. 

René Furterer castor oil hair care and products 

Castor oil is one of the key ingredients in two of our cult ranges: 5 Sens and Complexe 5. These products for the hair and skin demonstrate René Furterer's botanical expertise thanks to the alchemy of five 100% natural precious oils, including castor oil.

The 5 Sens enhancing dry oil is a multi-purpose treatment for the hair and body. The flagship product in the range, it nourishes and delicately scents the skin and hair. The micro-diffusion system leaves behind a subtle, airy, silky-soft veil for a dry feel. Part treatment, part beauty product, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair deep down, enhancing them too.

The Shampoo and the Enhancing Detangling Conditioner are highly sensory products that awaken the senses! Castor oil nourishes the hair without weighing it down for voluptuous, soft and silky hair.

The Enhancing Shower Oil, a delicate cleansing oil with an ultra-sensory, sparkly texture, transforms into a delicious, creamy foam with a bewitching fragrance. It gently cleanses the skin and envelops it in a hydrolipidic film for intense hydration after showering! The skin on the body is soft and satin smooth with restored light and radiance.

Complexe 5: castor oil is also used in the composition of Complexe 5, a stimulating product for the scalp. Formulated for dull and brittle hair, it helps restore density, strength and beauty.

How to use René Furterer castor oil products on your hair

We recommend that you apply the 5 Sens or Complexe 5 Enhancing Oil to dry hair and the scalp. Apply the product to your fingers and warm it in your hands. Then apply the oil to the roots of the hair, moving from section to section. Massage generously into the scalp in circular motions to stimulate microcirculation and leave on for a few hours to allow the product to penetrate. This castor oil treatment can also be applied before bed and left on overnight. Finally, use the Shampoo and the Enhancing Detangling Conditioner and rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. The result: hair grows faster and stronger thanks to the essential nutrients found in castor oil, after just a few applications!

Castor oil is an essential skin care and hair care ingredient. Moisturizing, fortifying and soothing, it combines a number of benefits and enhances our natural beauty. René Furterer hair care products are formulated with castor oil to bring strength and shine to the hair and protect and moisturize the skin.

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