Hair diagnosis

How well do you know your hair and scalp?
By answering our questions, you’ll get a personalized hair and scalp diagnosis designed by our hair experts.

A selection of hair care and treatment products will be suggested. You’ll be able to discover your own personalized hair care routine to achieve expert results for your hair and scalp.


Performing a hair diagnosis allows you to fully understand the condition of your hair and scalp in order to establish a personalized hair care routine adapted to each problem. 

The hair diagnosis is a precise tool; it is essential you answer all of the questions which will allow us to determine the most suitable expert solution.

The René Furterer brand offers expert hair and scalp care routines and provides an expert care solution for each problem. Whether it’s for a sensitive or oily scalp or damaged and brittle hair. 

A personalized response is given to this detailed preliminary diagnosis, based on a three-step method: 

  • Preparation of the hair or scalp 

The preparation often consists of applying of a stimulating, soothing or repairing treatment.

  • Washing

The second step, washing, is done with a shampoo adapted to the specific needs of the scalp. It’s important tofollow good practices to wash your hair properly.

  • Treatment 

The very last step is the deep treatment of the scalp or hair.


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