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How to repair, nourish and hydrate dry or very dry hair?

How do I know if my hair is dry or very dry?

There are several specific features that differentiate dry hair from very dry hair.

Your hair is dry if...

Even if you are careful, detangling hair is not that easy. Once dry, hair is dull, fragile and static, it lacks suppleness and softness.

Look no further: hair is dry.

Your hair is very dry if...

If the hair can’t be untangled or is very difficult to comb through, and once dry, it looks rough, damaged, dull and split... There is no doubt about it: it is very dry.

My hair is unruly, dull and very dry. It lacks softness and sometimes feels like straw.

Why is hair dry?

We can't fight our genetics, hair may be dry or very dry by nature, which leads to poor scalp irrigation and insufficient sebum secretion. But there is also everything you can put it through: a hairdryer that is too hot, unnecessary brushing, inappropriate care, etc. If you add to this the explosive cocktail of sun, wind, sea water, chlorine, pollution, UV and stress...the consequences were always expected.

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And in depth, what's going on?

1. Disappearance of the hair's protective barrier (or hydrolipidic film)

Attacked by treatments and other aggressions, this protective surface shield no longer fully plays its role as a barrier.

2. The hair’s scales are removed

Like tiles on a roof, the scales are interlocked. When degraded, they break apart and expose the inside of the hair.

As a result, the water naturally present in the hair evaporates excessively and the hair dries out.

Solutions to nourish and hydrate dry or very dry hair

Envelop dry hair in softness 

To bring beauty and softness to dry hair day after day, it is essential to adopt a hydrating ritual with natural active ingredients. The hair will be immediately hydrated.

My hair is coarse, static, clinging and lacks shine. I want to moisturize it, but I don't want to weigh my hair down.

How can you take care of dry or very dry hair on a daily basis?

For best results, we recommend following the right steps to care for dry hair. It needs maximum hydration.

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Choose softness with a delicate wash and hydrating, comforting care

As the saying goes: leave well alone. We recommend washing dry hair only once a week, so as not to strip away the sebum layer that protects it. The secret? A shampoo adapted to your scalp, whether it’s oily or dry. There are also shampoos with gentle formulas based on natural active ingredients that wash the hair without damaging it. 

After each shampoo, we recommend applying a mask that will promote hydration and shine. To do this, proceed strand by strand on the lengths and tips, avoiding the roots. It’s best to leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly until the hair is crisp.

The benefits of styling dry or very dry hair

Know that hair needs respect.

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To stop seeing detangling as an ordeal, simply detangle the hair when applying a mask during a break. We recommend starting with the tips and working up to the lengths, then rinsing thoroughly with cold water. A mask does as much good for your hair as it does for your state of mind: in fact, a break is the ideal time to relax.

When it comes to drying, don't overdo it with high temperatures. The ideal solution is to protect hair from the heat of the plates or blow-drying with a thermo-protective spray. Natural styling products can also help maintain the integrity of your hair.

Finally, a small amount of moisturizing hair day cream on the lengths will help you say goodbye to static electricity.

Tips before coloring, highlighting, straightening

Appropriate Keratin-based care products can be an invaluable ally in preventing the aggression of these treatments, which are often harmful to very dry hair.

Nighttime is a moment of beauty and care for your dry hair

At night, the hair is protected from the aggressions of everyday life. We recommend taking advantage of this special moment to fill the hair with nutrients using a night treatment. Deeply replenished, easier to style, soft and shiny, the hair will reveal all its beauty in the morning.

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Spend vacations in beauty and avoid dry hair

Beware of UV rays, heat, sand, wind, chlorine and salt, which alter the hair and make it permanently fragile! The hair becomes porous, drier and more discolored.

When exposed to the sun, it’s wise to take care of the hair with adapted and waterproof protective care. After exposure, an intense repairing mask is beneficial for the driest hair.


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