Silver, white, icy blond hair

Silver, white, icy blond hair

Silver, white, or icy blonde hair requires frequent maintenance and suitable products. Often unruly and dry, it needs to be treated with a tailor-made hair routine to maintain a beautiful color and texture.

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Which product should I choose to meet the needs of white or silver hair?
Which product should I choose to meet the needs of white or silver hair?

What does white or silver hair need?

Silver hair and white hair require a lot of maintenance, whether natural or not. This is also the case with icy blonde hair. This hair type must be washed, cared for, and pampered with suitable products.

Using care products without components that damage hair fiber is essential for caring for white, silver, or icy blonde hair. What ingredient should you avoid? Silicone, which gives the illusion of hydrated and maintained hair, but in fact does not provide any benefit to the hair. Made from petrochemicals, silicone forms an insulating layer around the hair, preventing it from receiving the benefits of other treatments. Products formulated with natural active ingredients and essential oils should be favored to keep blonde hair healthy.

What products should you use for natural silver and white hair?

Gray or silver hair looks great on the women who embrace it. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of care.
When the production of melanin ceases, white hair grows and the hair gradually turns gray. Hair texture changes too. Hair becomes less silky and disciplined, drier, and more difficult to style. It is therefore important to set up a new hair routine, adapted to the needs of aging hair.

The first step in hydrating silver hair is to prepare it for shampoo. For this, hydrating products such as pre-shampoos and hair oils formulated with natural active ingredients should be used.
The oils can be applied as a treatment for several minutes before washing your hair, or by smoothing through the lengths and ends after styling. Then comes the time to wash: shampoos for white or silver hair should be used to help repair weakened hair. They allow the hair to gently regain its shine and suppleness.
Products for white hair also have a protective action and combat yellowing. The latter, caused by oxidation and pollution, does not only concern blonde hair. Shampoos, masks, and care products designed for silver hair help neutralize yellow highlights and maintain beautiful silvery hair.

Which product should you use for colored icy blonde, silver or white hair?

Silver hair and icy blonde tones have been very fashionable in recent years. Although elegant, these shades are particularly difficult to maintain. They are obtained by one to several hair bleaches. These treatments greatly weaken the hair fiber, especially since they must be repeated regularly to maintain a harmonious shade.
Once icy blonde or silver, hair is generally dry and rough.
Icy blonde hair must be hydrated with special products: a shampoo and a mask with purple corrective pigments can be used. These treatments, specially designed to care for silver, white, or icy blonde hair, tone the hair. They eliminate yellowish tints and give hair pretty, cool highlights. Masks and conditioners are also precious allies in hydrating the hair and providing it with suppleness and softness.
René Furterer products are composed of essential oils and natural active ingredients that provide toning and hydrating benefits to white and icy blonde hair.

A few tips for taking care of your silver, white, and icy blonde hair daily

Certain precautions also help you to avoid damaging fair hair.
You should, for example, avoid over-using heated styling tools. Curling or straightening irons should therefore be used sparingly.
Hair drying, on the other hand, is less damaging when done at a medium temperature.

Icy blonde and silver colors are also sensitive to the sun, salt, and chlorine. You need to protect your hair with care products that filter UV rays at the beach, as well as at the swimming pool.

Your hair routine can also be supplemented with different products, such as lotions or serums.

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