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Use Triphasic Progressive and Triphasic Reactional as complementary treatments to target loss of hair density or sudden hair loss due to stress, dietary deficiency, a change in season or post-pregnancy. 

Along with these treatments, use the new Triphasic shampoo, with its exclusive technology using microbeads of essential oils. It also contains key ingredients derived from skincare and nutraceuticals to slow down hair loss while promoting the regrowth of stronger and healthy-looking hair.
Its sulfate-free formula is gentle on the scalp. 

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When the shampoo is applied, the microbeads, by virtue of their micro-sponge technology, release the essential oils when they come into contact with the scalp.

Triphasic: the expert loss of hair density care product

René Furterer's Triphasic range is a powerful concentrate of effective treatments dedicated to hair density loss, for both men and women. This best-selling range has a formulation that contains natural strenghtening and growth-boosting ingredients. 

The treatment N°1 in France anti hair loss since 19 years.

A pioneer in scientific research on the hair’s life cycle, René Furterer has designed treatments with unrivaled performance and continued success: the Triphasic range dedicated to combating hair density loss for both men and women. Targeted treatments for both types of hair density loss: 

  • Progressive hair loss: also called androgenetic alopecia, it is caused by hormonal or hereditary factors. It is characterized by localized hair loss, which worsens over time. 
  • Reactional hair loss: this sudden and diffuse hair loss is often due to stress, fatigue, medical treatment, pregnancy, dietary deficiency or changes in season. 

The Triphasic shampoo and treatments have a natural, silicone-free and sulfate-free formulation at the cutting edge of innovation. Expert dual-action treatments, as they not only act on hair loss, but also boost hair growth. Hair is stronger, denser, thicker, shinier and healthier. 

Highly effective and powerful ingredients against hair loss

Increasingly innovative treatments, with ingredients that have continued to evolve over time to continually offer the latest technologies in hair density loss care. ATP, pfaffia and essential oils are the star key ingredients in Triphasic formulas. They are present in all the treatments and are complemented by other key ingredients to target a specific pathology. The Triphasic Reactional serum is enriched with Lotus Mineral Complex, a key ingredient made from blue and white lotus that soothes the skin and protects the balance of the scalp to reduce hair loss. The Triphasic Progressive serum is enriched with a synergy of key ingredients made up of mangosteen extract, biotrinine and 4 vitamins. It is a triple-action formula because it acts on the three stages of the hair’s life (birth, growth and maturity) to stimulate hair growth, prolong its life cycle and delay hair density loss. The Triphasic shampoo also contains two other strenghtening ingredients: white ginseng and provitamin B5. Ginseng has a strong stimulating power and acts as a growth activator, whereas provitamin B5 has a fortifying action on the hair fiber, hydrates it deep down, and gives shine to the hair.

René Furterer: expert in anti-hair loss products and treatments

The Triphasic range has three products that have become icons of the René Furterer brand.

  1. Triphasic shampoo: Stimulating shampoo that protects the hair fiber and strengthens the hair. It is the first step in the fight against hair loss ahead of targeted treatments. A gentle silicone-free shampoo with no sulfate surfactants, with a formulation that is suitable for all hair types and ideal for everyday use. The microbeads of essential oils are an invitation to a hair massage with high sensory appeal. These beads are like micro-sponges and when they burst, they release their precious goodness as well as a luscious botanical fragrance with notes of green tea, fruit and musk. These microbeads deliver the essential oils they contain when the shampoo is used and this keeps the key ingredients intact, reinforcing the efficacy of the shampoo. Hair is delicately perfumed, fresh, natural and soft. 
  2. Progressive Triphasic Treatment: a loss of hair density serum that targets progressive hair loss. It is caused by hormonal or hereditary factors. These two causes lead to a disruption of the hair cycle: first the hair rhythm is accelerated, then hair falls outs and the cycles come one after another more quickly before eventually stopping altogether. With its targeted, state-of-the-art formulation, the Triphasic Progressive strenghtening treatment slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Hair grow faster and thicker and becomes dense once again. A cure of 3 months that applies once or twice a week after the shampoo. 
  3. Triphasic Reactional Treatment: the highly effective serum against sudden and reactional hair loss. During a change of season, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, or shocks such as illness, stress, and intense fatigue, the body reacts and one of the consequences is temporary hair loss. But this hair loss is not unavoidable and can be controlled and minimized with the Triphasic Reactional treatment, a loss of hair density treatment with soothing action on the skin and scalp to reduce stress and protect the health of your hair. One application a week is enough for this serum to slow down hair loss, boost its growth and strengthen it. 

A hair routine to slow down hair loss and boost growth

Hair density loss is no longer unavoidable with Triphasic René Furterer treatments and a suitable hair routine. Like beauty care for the skin, the secret of robust and healthy hair is the use of suitable products, in the right order and for a long time. As part of a loss of hair density treatment, combining the Triphasic shampoo with the serum from the same range, depending on the need, compounds the effects and maximizes the results. 

The first step in the routine is to wash your hair using Triphasic strenghtening shampoo. A stimulating treatment that prepares the hair to receive the targeted treatments. With its kick-start formula, Triphasic shampoo reduces hair density loss by 52% and promotes denser, thicker growth without being harsh on the scalp. Hair is strengthened and shiny. 
The second step in the routine is the Triphasic Reactional or Progressive serum, depending on the cause of the hair density loss. This expert treatment with strenghtening key ingredients acts deep down to prolong the hair's life cycle and generate its regrowth. Apply an entire vial to your damp scalp, section by section. These easy-to-use serums are only used once or twice a week. 
Triphasic products are an ideal treatment program to combat hair density loss quickly and with a lasting effect. 



An essential oil is a natural extract that concentrates all the molecules of a plant, without altering them.

In addition to the well-being they provide, essential oils can help the body defend itself against external aggressors, soothe inflammation or stimulate cell regeneration. 

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