Plant-based keratin care
Plant-based keratin care

Plant-based keratin care

Care products rich in plant-based keratin to moisturize and nourish the most damaged hair.

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Plant-based keratin, a natural active ingredient to care for dry and damaged hair.

Keratin is a raw material making up more than 90% of our hair. Natural and fibrous, this protein is essential for healthy hair. Discover all René Furterer products enriched with plant-based keratin.

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Hair care with plant-based keratin
Hair care with plant-based keratin

Hair care with plant-based keratin

Keratin is found in nails, hair, skin and animal claws. Because protection is its business. It’s extraordinary in that it’s both very strong and very elastic. Did you know that a lock of 100 hairs can support 10 kg of weight? Thanks to keratin, despite being twisted and pulled in every direction, a hair will always get back to its original shape.


Keratin is really a series of “bonds” or links between amino acids! Let’s take a really close look to make it clearer. Deep within your hair, keratin is made up of 18 amino acids. If we zoom in again, we can see that these amino acids are spread over two helical chains (like DNA). When two amino acids from the same family recognize each other, they create these “bonds” or links; there are several types.
There are “light bonds”, such as the hydrogen bond, which is established between certain amino acids and responsible for the exceptional flexibility and elasticity of our hair. Hydrogen bonds are constantly being made and broken, depending on the presence of water. While the water in the shower flattens your curls, the dryer fixes your style by removing the water afterwards.

Then there are “extremely strong bonds”, the disulphide bonds, which connect other amino acids. This is one of the strongest types of bond in chemistry. Disulphide bonds are responsible for our hair’s exceptional strength and deep structure.
The presence or absence of certain amino acids determines whether these bonds are formed. At René Furterer, we use 100% plant-based keratin.

Strengthen your hair with plant-based keratin

 Is the loss of hair strength irreversible? This can be repaired if we restore the missing amino acids, allowing the bonds to be re-established with the help of plant-based keratin!

At René Furterer, we are always looking for solutions in nature, so we decided to combine the amino acids of soy protein extract and wheat micro-proteins. This combo, which we call “plant-based keratin”, contains 18 amino acids which will mimic the hair’s keratin as closely as possible – this is key! These amino acids fill the gaps in the hair's keratin to rebuild the structure. 
Therefore, we must ensure the correct dosage of plant-based keratin as well as its delivery, allowing it to penetrate to the heart of the hair where keratin is found. For perfect results, we have developed two solutions: one for fine hair and the other for thick hair in our ABSOLUE KERATIN range for damaged hair, free of sulphates and silicone.


Have I heard that plant-based keratin is harmful to the hair?

Plant-based keratin is conflated with techniques such as Brazilian straightening which use keratin combined with very aggressive chemical processes!

In a straightening treatment or perm, all the disulphide bonds (the strongest bonds responsible for the structure of the hair itself) are broken by force with formaldehyde and extreme heat. Then they are reformed with keratin. This process is dangerous for the hair. It is not the keratin that is dangerous but the other chemical components.
The plant-based keratin in René Furterer products is made from natural ingredients and is not harmful. Quite the opposite: it's good for your hair!

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