Serums are a leave-in treatment enriched with active ingredients, perfect for repairing, nourishing and enhancing the hair and scalp.

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Hair and scalp serums
Hair and scalp serums

A range of serums dedicated to hair and scalp beauty

Serums are used to address specific hair or scalp needs. They have many features and should be included in your hair beauty routine when the hair lacks shine or is weakened. They also energize and care for the scalp after just a few applications. What is a hair serum? What are its functions? Who should use one? How do you use it?

What is a hair serum?

Care has not always been the objective of hair serums: originally, they were used simply to smooth and shine the hair. Hair serums are now part of the hair beauty routine of everyone wishing to repair their hair or scalp. Once overloaded with silicone, serums now have much more natural and attractive formulas for hair care and maintenance.
These products come in liquid or slightly gelatinous form and are derived from various plant oils. They contain essential fatty acids and many vitamins. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, serums do not replace hair care products such as conditioners or hair masks: they should be applied to dry hair each day, or after shampooing and conditioning and should not be rinsed out.

What does a hair serum do?

Hair serum can perform many functions, depending on the product chosen. Generally speaking, a serum deposits a sheathing film on the hair to protect it and smooth the cuticles. It provides intense hydration to restore suppleness and shine to the hair. There are many types of serum.
Some are applied to the scalp and are designed to slow down hair loss or boost hair growth; these are called anti-hair loss serums. Other serums are recommended if the scalp is sensitive, or if the scalp is aging. Their soothing and protective benefits help fight against external aggressors such as pollution, the sun, the heat of styling tools or chemical treatments. Some serums are intended for colored, aging, coiled, dull, brittle, straightened, colored hair, hair with split ends, etc. The choice is almost infinite, so many specific serums exist. The serums are also not only for people with a particular problem: they can also be applied as a preventive measure, to preserve the healthy quality of the hair and scalp.

How do I use hair serum?

Some serums are used directly on the scalp, others only on the lengths and ends. It is important to choose a serum suitable for your hair type and needs. Each product also has specific recommendations to follow.
On dry hair, heat the serum between your fingers and apply it to the lengths and ends. A few drops of the product are enough; there is no need to apply too much, as this weighs the hair down and can make it look greasy. On damp hair, apply the serum after shampooing and conditioning, from top to bottom along the lengths. Serums do not need to be rinsed out: once applied, simply style the hair as usual.

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