Irritated scalp

Irritated scalp

Discomfort, irritation, intense itching... Having an irritated scalp is unpleasant and sometimes painful. Fortunately, there are solutions and products with natural extracts that you can integrate into your hair routine. They instantly soothe the scalp and restore comfort and protection.

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Irritated scalp: products to take care of your scalp
Irritated scalp: products to take care of your scalp

Why is the scalp irritated?

An irritated scalp is often linked to a lack of sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands. This very uncomfortable scalp problem causes itching, which only makes things worse. Itching on an already unhealthy scalp causes dandruff and sometimes hair loss.
The use of a suitable product is then the only solution for making it healthy, soft, and well hydrated again. Which product should I choose to protect, care for and soothe the scalp?


How can you tell if your scalp is irritated?

Irritated scalps feel itchy and tight. These unpleasant feelings are usually accompanied by redness and dry dandruff.
Why is the scalp irritated? There are many possible causes. Very often, it is a reaction to a beauty care product or treatment that is not suitable for your hair type. An overly aggressive shampoo, for example, can weaken an already sensitive scalp.
Poor diet, hormonal changes, external aggressors such as the sun, pollution, or stress can also cause scalp irritation. Fortunately, your scalp can be saved: adopting a good hair routine to care for the base of the hair is the first step in bringing comfort and health to the scalp.

Treatments for irritated scalps: solutions enriched with natural active ingredients should be favored

Another treatment to consider for irritated scalps is the hair scrub. This treatment removes impurities and dead cells from the scalp, which can improve blood flow and reduce itching and irritation.

Shampoos to gently wash irritated scalps

Opting for shampoos without alcohol, preservatives, silicone, and artificial fragrances is very important in preventing the scalp from over-reacting.
René Furterer shampoo for sensitive and irritated scalps helps protect skin and hair. It washes gently, restores comfort to the scalp, and cleanses it thoroughly. Enriched with active ingredients such as hamamelis and asteraceae extracts, plants used by Native Americans, it strengthens the scalp's natural defenses. Its extracts also allow for improved healing and avoid dandruff.

Care for dry hair: precious allies for irritated scalps

Hair care products for dry hair are also suitable for sensitive scalps. Highly hydrating, they allow the skin to regain its elasticity and suppleness and care for the hair fiber.

Serums for dry scalps: for long-lasting protection

Serums are an ideal addition to a hair care routine for dry scalps. They protect them from external aggressors and dandruff. From the very first application, the serum relieves discomfort and provides a feeling of freshness all over the head. This is called the " icy effect ".
The secret of René Furterer's serums for irritated scalps? Cold essential oils. These reduce itching, combat irritation, and restore the scalp.
There are also anti-pollution protective serums available. These act as invisible shields: they protect the hair from the effects of urban pollution, especially PM 2.5 fine particles. These treatments calm pain and activate the natural defenses of the hair or scalp.
This type of product is to be used as a preventive and restorative measure. It should be favored if you live in an urban or highly polluted area.

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