Scalp care

Scalp care

The scalp is prone to many problems: dryness, irritation, sensitivity or excessive sebum production. Each type of scalp has its own care routine and suitable products.

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Scalp care: solutions according to scalp type
Scalp care: solutions according to scalp type

Building a care routine based on your scalp

Dry, oily, irritated, sensitive scalp... Scalps should be pampered just as much as your hair. In case of discomfort, it is important to treat and repair it with specific products, as part of a proper hair routine.


Care with natural active ingredients for dry scalps

An itchy, tight, or white dandruffy scalp indicates a dry scalp. This type of problem is often associated with dull, rough, or brittle hair.
What causes it? Skin lacking in sebum. This substance, secreted by the sebaceous glands, is not, theoretically, produced in sufficient enough quantities to allow the scalp to remain hydrated. The pores become clogged and shed small pieces of skin called flakes. Dandruff is white flakes, a result of dry skin. Several solutions rich in natural oils and extracts exist to treat a dry scalp:
● Highly nourishing hair oils. These, applied in small quantities at the root, gently hydrate the scalp.
● Aqueous and anti-dandruff shampoos: they supply the scalp with water to help it regain its suppleness.
● Hair masks: very hydrating, they are applied after shampooing and should be left on for a few minutes before rinsing.
● Serums: these scalp care products are the perfect final step in a hydrating hair care routine and protect the scalp from external aggressors.


Care for irritated scalps

An itchy or prickly scalp is the result of an irritated scalp. This reaction indicates that the sebaceous glands are not producing enough sebum. An irritated scalp can be identified by observing it closely: the presence of redness shows that it is irritated. The ultimate solution? Turn to products composed of plant extracts and natural essential oils designed for irritated scalps. René Furterer offers many complementary solutions:
● serums with cold essential oils, naturally soothing and cleansing ingredients,
● gentle, preservative-free shampoos,
● masks and care products to soothe irritation over time. Highly hydrating, these products restore the scalp to its former strength and nourish the hair fiber.

Care for sensitive scalps

A sensitive scalp usually occurs because the scalp is over-loaded. Damaged by external aggressors, or by the regular use of unsuitable products and heated appliances (hairdryers, straightening irons, curling irons), the scalp shows it is in poor condition by sending you signals. This can be a feeling of tightness, burning, or discomfort of varying degrees of intensity.
Inflamed, the sensitive scalp should never be washed with overly aggressive products. René Furterer offers many gentle shampoos, enriched with nourishing agents, free from alcohol and silicone.
You should combine these products with soothing concentrates, conditioners, masks, and serums formulated with natural ingredients. Products enriched with natural extracts of asteraceae, eucalyptus or mint are all recommended.

Care with natural active ingredients for oily scalps

The scalp becomes oily when the sebaceous glands produce excess sebum. The secret to drying out an oily scalp? Allowing it to breathe. To do this, the shampoo can be applied by gently massaging your head in the shower. Cleansing care products and serums can also be used.
The aim is to air the scalp as much as possible to prevent the glands from becoming blocked and the hair from suffocating.
René Furterer offers a range of treatments rich in natural extracts and silicone-free, dedicated to oily scalps: Curbicia. The shampoos and care products contain rhassoul, a natural active ingredient that contributes to sebum regulation.

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