Everything there is to know about gray and white hair

Gray and white hair are becoming increasingly popular in fashion and with the public. Some celebrities have made this radical choice and thereby launched the movement. In their wake, many women now proudly display their silver hair.

Also called canities, the natural whitening of hair can be perfectly accepted and at least respected, or even camouflaged.

It’s perceived in a fairly contradictory way: some see it as an opportunity to embrace their maturity, while others feel it’s a sign of aging.

In any case, whether it’s proudly accepted or concealed, white hair needs special care. Behind its lack of color due to the disappearance of its protective melanin, it becomes particularly fragile and vulnerable.

Discover the advice of our experts to get to know white hair, its characteristics and how to take care of it on a daily basis...

Why do we have white hair?

Why do we have white hair?

It's inevitable: hair gets whiter with age White hair is caused by a lack of melanin pigmentation. Camouflaged or embraced, it sometimes plays with our heads!

How do you care for your white hair?

How do you care for your white hair?

Care for long, white hair... Discover expert advice on how to care for gray and white hair. Gone are the days of hiding your gray or white hair!

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