How to care for it?

White hair is amazing and has such a distinctive character! Behind its lack of color hides a high degree of sensitivity and fragility that shouldn’t be ignored. It therefore deserves a specific gray hair treatment - or white hair treatment.

Let's shed some light on hair that is more vulnerable than others.

Why does white hair become sensitive?

It’s important to be aware of the fragility of white hair.

As a result of capillary aging, as well as the absence of protective melanin, white hair is more vulnerable than other hair. It is often thinner and more porous, but also rougher and more brittle.


What specific characteristics does it have?

  • It lacks protection

The production of essential hair components such as keratin and sebum is altered. Less protected, hair becomes dehydrated. It then becomes dry and porous.

  • It lacks density

White hair renews itself less quickly than other hair. The hair is of poorer quality and its diameter decreases. The hair becomes thinner.

  • It lacks energy.

Over time, the hair is less nourished with less blood flow. It becomes anemic.

Why does white hair tend to turn yellow? How can you avoid this inconvenience?

It's a common fear for people with white hair, as well as those with very blond hair. It can sometimes happen that hair acquires strange tones or turns yellow.

Hair color is determined by melanin. In fact, it’s composed of 2 pigments that generate different colors. Pheomelanin is the source of colors ranging from yellow to red. Meanwhile, the spectrum of eumelanin ranges from brown to black.

Asians have very black hair, because it is composed almost exclusively of eumelanin. In contrast, red hair contains more pheomelanin.

We know that aging induces a decrease in melanin production. And it’s pheomelanin that often becomes predominant for brown hair. This is why the color is dominant in shades of yellow on white hair.


What are the factors that threaten white hair?

Beware of summer

Since melanin is no longer there to play its protective role, white hair becomes exposed to the aggressions of the sun, sea water or chlorine.

It’s therefore necessary to take action to protect your hair.

Caution when styling

White hair is damaged by excessive heat from hair dryers, curling irons or straightening irons.

Vigilance with pollution

It gradually settles on the hair and ends up coloring the hair slightly.


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