Styling gels, sprays and mousse

Styling gels, sprays and mousse

Keeping your hair beautiful from morning to night is an impossible mission without styling products. Well selected, these allow you to maintain your look throughout the day.

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Hair gels, hair sprays and mousse
Hair gels, hair sprays and mousse

Working your hair with styling gel, hairspray, or mousse

Styling gel, spray, mousse... There are many types of styling products and not all are the same. Each of them gives a different fixing result. It is important to choose your styling product according to your hair type, length, thickness, and desired result. Mousse, hairspray, gel... Which should you choose? René Furterer gives you the lowdown on styling and sculpting products and the many styling possibilities they offer.

Styling gel

Styling gel or holding gel is ideal for keeping your hairstyle in place. Concentrated in fixing agents, it allows you to fix and sculpt a long-lasting hairstyle. Gel is transparent and colorless, i.e. relatively inconspicuous.
It is mainly used on short hair or, for example, to fix the hair roots to the scalp to obtain a flattened hairstyle. Gel has different characteristics and levels of fixation: some offer a wet look, others a very long-lasting hold and strands as solid as concrete. On the other hand, some gels are more subtle: their lightweight texture allows them to fix the hair without causing it to look too stiff. This gel is the perfect styling product for people looking to create messy yet structured finishes.


Keeping a hairstyle in place when you have fine hair is a challenge: curls, waves, ponytails, and buns have a hard time staying intact for several hours. Hairspray is a fixing finishing product that can be sprayed on. This light veil is, depending on the type of hairspray chosen, very subtle and can be used to fix any hairstyle. It is used by both men and women and is suitable for all hair types. It is the ideal ally for perfecting a blowout, a bun with an infallible hold, or well-defined curls throughout the day. Good quality hairsprays do not leave hair feeling like cardboard: they enhance the hair, protect and make the hair fiber shine. There are many hairsprays with different finishes: colored, extra-strong hold, spray for fine hair, glitter spray, etc.

Styling mousse

Sculpting mousse tames hair while adding volume. It is flat hair’s favorite ally. Easy to apply, the mousse is nice to handle: it has a generous and light texture. It is also very subtle and unnoticeable to the naked eye. It allows you to shape your hair with a minimal amount of product. When should you choose mousse? It is useful in many cases, such as holding a blowout in place, disciplining curls, or shaping a hairstyle. Hair mousse is applied with your fingers and allows you to work the hairstyle with very little product. Lightweight, it keeps the hair texture soft during styling and stays in place even on people who tend to run their hands through their hair throughout the day. Styling mousses also protect the hair and are not sensitive to humid environments. They are very easy to shampoo and do not damage the hair.

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