Tired, lifeless hair

Tired, lifeless hair

Dull and dry, lifeless hair needs specific care and a tailor-made hair routine to regain its density, shine and thickness.

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Products for tired and lifeless hair
Products for tired and lifeless hair

Hair care enriched with natural active ingredients to awaken lifeless hair

The passage of time, damaging treatments, fatigue, and stress can make hair look tired. To add oomph to lifeless hair, care products enriched with plant-based active ingredients are the solution of choice.

How can you tell if your hair is lifeless?

There are unmistakable signs: the visual appearance of your hair says a lot about how healthy it is. Tired hair lacks shine. It is also less elastic than usual. Thinner, it lacks substance. The hair is less thick.
The hair is considered fragile, a telltale sign of tired hair.

Care for tired hair

Only by using the right products can you get back hair that’s soft and full of life. There are remedies to treat all the symptoms of tired hair.

Opt for hair care products enriched with natural active ingredients

There are many products on the market to treat tired hair. Our recommendation: turn to hair solutions enriched with essential oils and natural extracts, which deeply care for the hair and restore its vitality.
Products containing silicone should be banished from the beauty routine: this component does not provide any care benefits and forms an insulating layer that prevents the hair from receiving other active ingredients.

Scalp care: the first step in caring for lifeless hair

Stimulating the scalp is a good starting point for treating lifeless hair. The right oils, serums, and shampoos are valuable allies for this task.
When applying the products, it is important to massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and activate the oxygenation of the tissues.

Hair routine for lifeless hair: pre-shampoo, shampoo, and conditioner with natural extracts

The use of unsuitable pre-shampoos, shampoos, and conditioners can affect the quality of your hair. Adopting specific products for lifeless hair is also essential. Enriched with natural repairing active ingredients, they contain nutrients such as plant-based hyaluronic acid, wheat microproteins, and natural essential oils, which help to plump up the hair. This then becomes stronger, radiating with beauty.

Masks for lifeless hair

Silicone-free hair masks for lifeless hair are highly recommended when you have tired hair. Formulated with natural extracts, they supply the hair fiber with water and contain numerous active ingredients that allow the hair to regain its softness and strength. The masks also make it possible to untangle the hair without brushing it, which is essential when the hair is lifeless. Brushing too vigorously can tear out the hair follicles in the middle of the revitalization period. Masks should be applied regularly to revive the hair's shine.

Dietary supplements: to revitalize tired hair

Lifeless hair is sometimes caused by a lack of vitamins in the diet. Taking dietary supplements is therefore recommended, as they can provide a real boost for the hair. The René Furterer Supplements from the Vitalfan range are the perfect answer to the different needs of lifeless hair. Enriched with vitamins, plant-based active ingredients, selenium, and zinc, they help maintain healthy hair and provide an additional source of nourishment.

Serums: treatments that bring life back to lifeless hair and scalps

The serums for lifeless hair are leave-in treatments, to be applied to dry hair, or at the end of your hair care routine. They recharge the hair with water, protect the hair fiber and preserve the youth of the scalp. The result? Voluptuous and protected, shiny hair. These products also deeply hydrate the scalp and keep it healthy.

How can you prevent your hair from becoming lifeless? A few steps to integrate into your beauty routine

Adopting a healthy lifestyle in addition to a suitable hair care routine is essential for avoiding lifeless hair. A balanced diet, gentle brushing, and regular massaging of the scalp are ideal for allowing the hair to regenerate properly. It's also important to take breaks, to take a breather. Stress also has a negative impact on hair.
Healthy living also means healthy hair!

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