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Head Spa care products

Head Spa care products

Taking care of your hair also means making sure that it is properly nourished and that its roots are healthy. René Furterer's Head Spa range offers a selection of care products to pamper you, keep your scalp healthy and strengthen your hair from the inside out.

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HEAD SPA products take care of your scalp and contain essential oils for stronger hair

Taking care of your scalp, the beauty routine for healthy hair

The scalp’s health is decisive for hair growth: this is where the hair follicles draw their nutrients and the oxygen they need to generate hair fiber.

Scalp skin is rich in small blood vessels and sebaceous glands, but it is also very fragile: stress, pollution and harsh treatments (color treatments, blowdrying, etc.) can create an imbalance that then affects the health of the hair.

In summary, a healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair, just as a plant needs fertile soil to flourish. It is therefore just as important to take care of your scalp as it is to take care of your hair. However, hair care ranges rarely include products for the scalp.

That is why René Furterer has created the Head Spa range of hair care products, a complete routine that takes care of your hair from the roots up.

The right habits for a healthy scalp

To strengthen your scalp and supply your hair with as many nutrients as possible, adopting just a few simple habits every day goes a long way: 

  • Choose your shampoo carefully: avoid shampoos that are too harsh, as they can irritate your scalp. This is true even if you have oily hair: in reality, using the wrong shampoo risks aggravating your problem by causing an overreaction in the scalp, which will produce even more sebum.
  • Massage your head: when applying your shampoo or hair care product, take the opportunity to massage your scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes to stimulate microcirculation. This will also allow the key ingredients in your products to penetrate the skin more effectively. 
  • Use a scalp scrub: like the skin of the face and body, the scalp is continually renewed. If the dead cells are not removed, they build up and trap particles of pollution and impurities. The scalp becomes suffocated and is deprived of oxygen. Detoxify with a scalp scrub once a week before you shampoo.
  • Apply a serum: choose a serum suited to your scalp (soothing, purifying, invigorating, etc.) and apply it once or twice a week. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing and performing your usual hair care routine.

Oils, scrubs... choose the right products for your scalp

The scalp’s skin is both thicker and more sensitive than that of the face. It therefore requires hair care products that are adapted to its needs.

Choose formulas with a composition that is as natural as possible: this is because the scalp is already regularly exposed to pollution as well as blowdrying, color treatments and other hair treatments. 

To purify the scalp, look for treatments that contain at least one detoxifying key ingredient and one soothing key ingredient. It is important that the scrub will not irritate the skin.

For your serum, choose a product enriched with oils for the scalp: for example, essential oils, castor oil, etc.

The best key ingredients for the scalp

Plant-based oils, essential oils and other key ingredients have already proven their effectiveness in moisturizing dry, sensitive or irritated scalps. Here are your best options when choosing products for the scalp: 

  • Mint essential oil to soothe irritations
  • Eucalyptus essential oil to cleanse and purify
  • Orange essential oil to improve microcirculation
  • Lavender essential oil to invigorate and cleanse
  • Castor oil to moisturize deep down
  • Aloe vera to moisturize and soothe
  • Plant-based charcoal to purify and detoxify

Head Spa, the new hair care range specially designed for a healthy scalp

To help strengthen your hair from the roots up, René Furterer has created the Head Spa care routine, the new hair care range entirely dedicated to the scalp. 

It is made up of three complementary care products: 

  • Scalp Scrub: the moisturizing scrub to detoxify, cleanse and strengthen the scalp,
  • Complexe 5: the concentrate enriched with essential oils to stimulate microcirculation and revitalize the roots,
  • Astera Fresh: the serum with essential oils that soothes discomfort and irritations, for long-lasting relief.

All our Head Spa formulas contain at least 99% natural-origin ingredients.

Taking only a few minutes to apply, these formats are convenient to use on a daily basis when you have a busy schedule. Their relaxing fragrance leaves you with a feeling of immediate well-being, for a moment of relaxation all to yourself.

René Furterer, the scalp specialist

René Furterer’s mission has always been to understand how hair grows and what it requires, in order to offer you hair care ranges that strengthen and enhance your hair's beauty. 

As early as the 1950s, Mr. René Furterer was convinced of the importance of scalp health and was committed to solving every problem. Over the years, we have continued to develop this expertise to offer you products for the scalp that are ever more effective.

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