Color-treated hair

Color-treated hair

Hair dyes chemically alter the structure of the hair. Weakened, the hair needs to be maintained with expert products and suitable hair treatment routines that prolong the shine and intensity of the color. Colored hair is repaired, radiant with beauty.

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Colored hair: products to enhance and protect your color
Colored hair: products to enhance and protect your color

What are the consequences of coloring your hair?

Chemical colors distort hair structure. When a color is applied, chemicals open the hair cuticles to allow the dyes to penetrate. This is a fairly aggressive process. The hair then becomes, very often, more fragile.

What does colored hair need?

People with color-treated hair have two types of needs:

To protect their hair damaged by coloring

Coloring alters the texture of the hair, which is then visibly drier. The texture of colored hair is generally dull. If it is colored regularly, hair can even become brittle and lose its elasticity.

Products to make their color last as long as possible

Water, shampoos, and external aggressors quickly fade color. After a few weeks, colored hair that has not been maintained no longer has the same shine and the original color shows through. Some colors, such as red or purple, require more maintenance as they tend to bleed quickly.

How do you come up with a routine for colored hair? Essential products

Colored hair can be treated with different products, such as pre-shampoos, shampoos and conditioners. For healthy color-treated hair, formulas with an acidic PH (between four and seven) should be favored. They help to tighten the hair cuticle scales and prevent the color from bleeding.
What's the one ingredient to avoid? Silicone. Derived from petrochemicals, it does not provide any hair care benefits and does not allow the hair to breathe.
For healthy, colored hair, products rich in essential oil extracts and natural active ingredients are preferable.

Shampoos for color-treated hair: to preserve color

Shampoos for colored hair prevent color bleeding while washing hair gently. These are perfect products for hair that has been sensitized by coloring. Designed to deeply repair hair, they protect the color’s shine for several weeks, soften hair texture and provide elasticity. René Furterer colored-hair shampoos contain many amino acids and nourishing active ingredients, which protect and hydrate the hair.
Our beauty tip: once the shampoo has been applied, rinse your hair with cold water to tighten the cuticles.

Masks and treatments for colored hair with natural active ingredients: bringing a touch of hydration

Masks are must-have products when you have colored hair. These products contain repairing active ingredients that restructure the hair fiber. Highly hydrating, masks for colored hair can be used once or several times a week.
Certain plant-based active ingredients are known to work miracles on colored hair: Okara extract or Hamamelis Floral Water, for example.

To benefit from all the benefits of a mask, there is a foolproof trick: apply it to dry hair a few minutes before taking a shower.

Leave-in treatments and detangling conditioners: enhance your colored hair in a few simple steps

Leave-in hair care products help to repair hair that has been sensitized and damaged by coloring. They also prolong the intensity of the color and its shine.
Detangling conditioners make it possible to style the hair without breaking it.

These products are an effective addition to your hair routine.

The sun: the enemy of colored hair

An outing to the beach and color begins to fade... Sun, chlorine, and seawater don't mix well with dyed hair. They alter the color of the hair and quickly cause artificial colors to bleed. Hair specialist René Furterer has developed an anti-UV spray and a silicone-free protective summer oil that protects colored hair from the unpleasant aspects of summer weather.

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