The potent properties of essential oils against hair loss

Essential oils are precious allies to care for our hair and have been key ingredients in our formulations for over 60 years. 

They have multiple virtues, both hydrating and soothing, and also have powerful anti-hair loss and growth booster properties. 

Aromatherapy offers tremendous therapeutic benefits for hair, and René Furterer was one of the first to introduce essential oils into hair care, paving the way for a new era of treatments. 

Essential oils are at the heart of the Triphasic range, dedicated to hair loss. Formulas that combine innovation and botanical expertise to preserve and strengthen hair health.


What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are highly aromatic and concentrated liquid extracts of plants or fruits. Their name comes from the Latin “essentia,” which means the very nature of a thing, because they contain the aromatic compounds of a plant. In other words, essential oils contain the quintessence of plants, pure and exceptional key ingredients with immense therapeutic powers. A good essential oil is obtained by a natural extraction method that preserves all its precious benefits. There are two such methods: steam distillation and mechanical cold-pressing. 
This second method is used only for fruit and citrus fruit, while essential oils of plants, flowers and spices are extracted by steam distillation. These extraction techniques are gentle and respectful, providing a high concentration of active molecules while preserving their integrity.

The benefits of essential oils for hair

Essential oils have been known for millennia for their multiple benefits. Ancient civilizations had already unraveled their healing secrets and used essential oils to treat many ailments. Some have soothing properties and are ideal for combating stress, sleep disorders and migraines. Others help to treat and protect the body against viral and bacterial infections and help strengthen our immune system. Essential oils also have a fabulous repairing effect on the skin, treat light burns and wounds, and promote healing. They have also become indispensable ingredients in cosmetics. Certain essential oils are particularly recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, or for skin prone to allergies and itching. Essential oils are also the solution for all hair problems. Oily or dry scalp, severe dandruff, dull and lifeless hair, and even hair loss. Essential oils are a natural and effective solution for every need.  

Which essential oils slow down hair loss?

René Furterer has long studied different plants and their essential oils. Each of them has been carefully selected for its efficacy on a targeted problem. 
Some essential oils are known for their action on hair loss, such as essential oils of rosemary, orange, lavender and lemon. 
The essential oils of orange and lemon are known for their booster effect. They contain limonene, a molecule found in citrus fruit with cleansing, purifying and vasodilating properties. 
When used in a massage, they stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp and slow down hair loss. 
Rosemary essential oil also has revitalizing properties. This oil strengthens the roots and fortifies the hair fiber. A powerful growth booster tonic, it is known to boost hair growth, densify hair and reduce hair loss. Lavender essential oil, however, contains monoterpenols, a molecule with antifungal, antibacterial and regulating properties. On the scalp, lavender essential oil has a regenerating action and contributes to the regrowth of healthy and strong hair. 


A complex of essential oils dedicated to hair loss

The formulations of anti-hair loss hair care products are based on a synergy of essential oils to multiply their effects. The aim of these complexes is to potentiate the properties of each essential oil and target a specific pathology, hair loss in this case. All the therapeutic properties of these essential oils work together to offer an abundance of therapeutic properties, for both hair loss and regrowth.  
In the Triphasic shampoo, these essential oils are encased in microbeads that explode when the product is used. This innovative encapsulation system preserves all the benefits of essential oils until their use.
While this complex, combined with other key ingredients such as Ginseng, has been studied for its action on hair loss, the benefits of a scalp massage should not be overlooked when it is used. The anti-hair loss treatments with essential oils are designed to offer a delightful sensory experience. To slow down hair loss and experience a moment of pure well-being, it is important to massage the scalp. 



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The Triphasic thickening shampoo

This shampoo with microbeads of rosemary, lavender and orange essential oils is the first step. It boosts cutaneous microcirculation and intensely energizes the scalp to slow down hair density loss and stimulate sustained regrowth. Hair and scalp are purified, ready to receive the targeted anti-hair density loss treatments. 

rf_triphasic-progressive_kv_22 472x472

The Triphasic Progressive therapy

Specially formulated for hormonal and hereditary loss of hair volume, it is enriched with essential oils of orange and lavender. It intensely redensifies the hair, with over 10,023 hairs from the first month of application. Hair is thicker and lastingly strengthened. 

rf_triphasic-reac_key-visual_21 472x472

The Triphasic Reactional therapy

A therapy dedicated to temporary loss of hair volume. The lemon essential oil in this serum, combined with other anti-hair loss key ingredients, stimulates the scalp to limit hair density loss. Hair density loss is reduced from the first month in 92% of users and up to 60% after 8 applications. 

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